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Thread: Debate and You: A Forumers' Guide

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    I always wondered if a guide like this existed then it would be very much helpful to discard a thread that's a product of sheer rage & rant with serving a point of discussion. I believe such threads often bring toxicity to forum than others.

    Good work sidd!
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    Thank you Siddmaster for writing a guide to promote civil discourse within the subforums.

    I'm bookmarking it for future reference.
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    Good thread! This needs sticky in every subforum.

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    Seems my thread was moved, I'm fine with that I thought it could go in general since it was specifically made for CR and CoC but then again those are the majority playerbases.

    Thanks all for the support! I like that you like this. I'm going to constantly update the thread for you guys. Speaking of...

    UPDATE: New section, removed a two-sentence unnumbered section, and made some fixes to the thread.

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