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Thread: 👮how to get HIGHER FORUM RANK ?...!👮

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    To get gems you need to know the secret code. I will tell you here but don't tell anyone else, otherwise it won't be a secret. Ok, here it is: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.

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    I didn't get that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark11308 View Post
    First you must untie both shoes. Then tie them again in this specific way, right shoe starts left over right and left shoe right over left. After that you need to fry 12 eggs without breaking a single yoke, even 1 will break the mojo. Next you must go on a long quest to find the mystical baba ji, ask him the secret to love and black magic. Spread that word to 28 people and they will all give you 4 1986 pennies. Take the 112 pennies and lay them on the floor in a perfect circle. Go sit inside the circle and pull out your phone. Now this is the important part and cant be avoided. Take phone and fire up the SC forums. Once on the forums start replying to threads and you shall receive ever growing forum rank. Cant help with the gems but I hear molvi ji has that secret. Good luck.
    I've done this, and I can confirm it works. Molvi Ji doesn't have gems Clark, he has Legendaries. It's the Dada Ji who has gems.
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    Legend says that once you enter global chat somewhere in the world a baby dragon's life is taken.

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    Be active on the get better ranks
    Participate in forum win gems.(you have to win too)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERHEROUNLIMITED View Post
    Be active on the get better ranks
    Participate in forum win gems.(you have to win too)
    Yeh, thx i got it!!

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