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Thread: IS it vrery DIFFICULT to reach LEAGEND league?

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    IS it vrery DIFFICULT to reach LEAGEND league?

    In COC

    Hi guys , I saw many videos and talked to many users at globe chat , about how to reach leagend league !

    They all had a common point that it is very - very difficult to reach leagend league , even if you reach there you wont be able to defend yourself for a long time in leagend league .

    I wondered why , then they said , at higher levels you barely get any trophies , its mostly brlow 5 or even 0.

    But on the contrasts you loose 18- 20 trophies at a time .

    After listning this i was like 😨 , so I just gave upon the thought to reach so high! LOL

    So i just wana confirm , is it really true , or should i stop thinking of higher leagues .
    Can I ever reach at even top200 in global level... Even if i play for 6 years ?

    Looking forward for a quick responce .


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    Yes you basically need to give up on everything playing 20 hours a day so you don't lose trophies

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    Reaching Legends itself isn't that hard - assuming you can attack TH11 targets. Pushing past 5000 cups gets steadily harder and harder. What TH are you?
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    Reaching legends league as a th11 isn't very difficult. I raid 5-6x per day and still manage to gain trophies. Use shield and guards wisely. I have no knowledge on reaching top 200 as I have only managed to hit just under 5400. But I'd imagine you would need to be lucky and invest more time than I have. The best tips I ever got about pushing was always 2 star and take everything when on guard.

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    its not reaching it thats hard, its staying there thats hard

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    It is not difficult to become a legend as a TH11. The only real requirement is to always be able to get a star in your raids: do not lose attacks! Winning defenses is a welcome optional extra, but not really necessary.

    As you approach Titan 1, clouds become an issue. You need to be patient. You should plan to always be searching in the background while you are getting on with other things in your life, and as soon as you find a base be prepared to drop everything you do and attack!

    Because of the clouds, nexting is not really an option: the first base you get, that's the base you attack!
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    I'm currently pushing. It is not hard to gain more trophies than you lose. Through the shield and the generous VG you get from titans upwards, you should have no problems making steady progress.

    I find that ones self creates the biggest problem in the sense that failing an attack hurts heavily in trophy losses. Unless you find that mysterious legend player who offers you a 0-1 star cup loss on a defeat

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokensmoke View Post
    its not reaching it thats hard, its staying there thats hard
    It isnt true...Im legend a year ago..just climbing between 5200-5400 every month with 4-7 hours a day..

    My other clanmate is working a lot so she have not much time to play(2-3hrs) but shes at 5100-5200 month ago..

    Reaching the top 200 WW(5900-6100) impossible for casuals, so better if you try yourself (before you do a heavy push) for 1-2 season how can you survive up here.
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    Wow thats a lot! Mah...��

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    It's not hard to get there. I have two different accounts on two different devices currently in Legend League. You just need to be patient.
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