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Thread: How will I do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaffienatedLegend View Post
    Its easy to use bbcode in phone, I dont like switching to full site.
    but searching for the colour codes in google is bit handy work

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    As most have said, you can use the 'A' on PC. You could switch to desktop mode and try it on a phone if it is available. However, the most recommended option in your case is to use basic tags.

    [color="Red"] I believe is valid. If you don't understand the #00A321 format, I'll quickly explain. The 6 digits are hexadecimal values. Think of RGB colouring. The first 2 digits are the amount of red, the second two are the amount of blue, and then the last 2 digits are the amount of green. This varies from 0 to 9, A to F. Now that's a lesson on colour referencing.

    Maybe you could copy coloured text and paste it?

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    If you find a post with a color you want, hit Reply with Quote, and you'll see the Bb code for the color you want

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    Well. Check this out if you have any confusion.
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    If you are on a phone like me, change to desktop mode. Then hit the A it will make it a different colour.

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