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Thread: One sub forum needed

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    One sub forum needed

    Actually this thread itself does not fit in this sub forum
    It will fit in the next upcomming IDEAS sub forum

    so i was telling what about adding anew sub forum named Idea
    where we can post ideas of improving the forums

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    I agree, I am going to post a thread that would totally fit there

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    It used to be there - something called "Forum Suggestions" from what I've heard. Apparently it wasn't productive at all or something, which is why it was closed down.

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    This subforum works for posting forum ideas, I don't think it's really necessary to have a whole new subforum just for that.

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    Most forums need fewer subforums and separations than more. Not sure why anyone would think you need a separate place for forum ideas. Long term, this will not be a heavily visited place for 90% of forum members.

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