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    Exclamation RESOLVED: Hay Day Short maintenance - Fixing Some More (Freezing Tom)

    Update: We are back online! Now if Tom freezes for you (by discarding the Tom booster which is in use), you need to either 1. visit your own town/fishing area 2. visit another farm or 3 exit the game and he becomes unfrozen.

    There are days when nothing seem to go your way.. We will need to do another maintenance to deploy a work-around for a rather nasty issue with Tom. The issue happens if you trash your Tom booster and you have hired Tom prior to that. Trashing the booster will make Tom "frozen" (tapping on him does nothing). After the maintenance and your Tom freezes, you'll only need to exit the game, or load another farm, and he will be unfrozen. A full fix for this will be available in the next mandatory update.

    Tom sleeps for 2 hours even if you cancel the items he brings form the market (he used to nap for 2 minutes only). This was not intended, and thus we made it so that he will always find the best deal (9 items) from the market when you send him off. So, no need to cancel or trash the booster really.

    We are sorry for this hassle!

    We are also preparing an optional update which will fix Android crash issues, Android font issues and Derby crashes (co-leader taps on another co-leader in the NH member list).


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    Thanks for the update. We'll be patient. Bugs happen.

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    Behind every update u have any glitch

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    Game usually runs smoothly but these things happen.
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    I have 2 hood members stuck on rose and Ernest. Wont let them go forward with new update to get boosters. It is trying to force them to use diamonds to get the scarecrow to talk about the new update. Is this something that would be included in the fix.

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    Oh yeah that happened to me tome went back to sleep without bringing my goodies lol I thought i was the one sleeping lol, but overall very nice update!!
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    Gyémánt lopások

    Ez mind szép és jó,csak mai nap már 30 gyémántom bánta.Ráadásul most küldhettem volna el Tomot erre megint karbantartás van.5 gyémánt nem igazán kárpótol a mai napi kiesésekért.Köszönöm a nagy semmit!

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    There's a bright side to everything. I'm hoping you'll leave Tom like this. Always bringing the best deal.. Sending him to sleep for two minutes at a time is so annoying. This seems like a real improvement.

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    Thank you for all your updates I love this game, wondering if you will restart the booster for Tom after he is fixed then? I started it and will miss my free time with him
    Again thanks for all you do

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    1. it is monday (!)
    2. Murpheys law => you know it ;-)

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