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    If you look at help, fluffy animals coming. Could it be 2 more Easter Bunnies����
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    So frustrating waiting I'm eager to see how many deeds, markers and mallets we need to open up the new land....anyone worked that out yet?
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    Thank You Supercell, Ready to play and hopefully you caught all the bugs early with this short maintenance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sooty123 View Post
    So frustrating waiting I'm eager to see how many deeds, markers and mallets we need to open up the new land....anyone worked that out yet?
    I was on for a few minutes. The special land is across the road. I think it was 29, 30 & 39. Plus the special permits were 8. I didn't check the regular areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sooty123 View Post
    So frustrating waiting I'm eager to see how many deeds, markers and mallets we need to open up the new land....anyone worked that out yet?

    I only managed a quick peek.

    The ordinary land started at 20 of each & went up to around 40

    The special land had 1 piece where you only needed one permit & another that needed 8. Didn't see the the others. I think they required 27 - 37 (ish) sets of LEM.

    Hopefully we will get back in soon and can look properly. It might be on wiki already!?
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    Super! Can't wait!

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    I am always using diamonds �� to speed up prodution or boats �� and etc....nice that you get boosters ��❤️

    Looking forward to new rewards for your farming experience? Wait no more, as our latest FARMtastic update is here!

    Introducing: Boosters!
    • Boosters make your farming more dynamic! Would you like your crops to temporarily grow faster? Maybe fill a boat crate or two? Or even hiring Tom and the Helpers for free? Boosters have got you covered!
    • Boosters of several different types and rarities. Will you get a rare 5-star booster?
    • Up to 80 unique boosters available!
    • Get them as rewards from several places, including the Derby, game events, the Wheel of Fortune, and even in the mid level up rewards!
    • Easily manage your boosters through the BRAND NEW booster storage.
    • The gift catalogue now offers special booster-only packages!

    Community Requested Features:
    • New expansion area type: Special farm expansions with exclusive decorations inside! Collect Expansion Permits in the Derby, mystery boxes and the Wheel of Fortune to access these new areas.
    • Need more space fast? We also added many new regular farm expansion areas.
    • Want something new in the Derby? Check out the new combo tasks, which require you to complete different kinds of actions in a single task!
    • Speaking of the Derby, Leaders and Co-leaders can now ‘opt out’ neighborhood members from the Derby.
    • Players in the Last Helpers Tab (Friends bar) will disappear in 72 hours (change from 2 weeks).

    • Added Thai language support
    • Bug fixes

    Coming soon:
    • Keep an eye out for something cuddly!
    • There's also some... oh sorry, we’re not allowed to talk about that yet

    Boosters unlock at level 35 and Special Expansion Areas at level 29. For more info on how the special new expansion are work, or how the boosters work, head over to our Support Pages for great articles:

    Not too bad if I may say so!



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    Awesome Idea 💡

    I was always having to use a lot of my diamonds 💎 to speed up production, boats 🚣 and derby tasks. Will we have the boosters for derby tasks as well? Again, Thank You....can't wait to see the new updates 😊😇

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    Its back, woohoo. now lets see how this all will work out.

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    Hired Tom using free booster in tutorial. Ordered saws. He offered 7 maximum. I tapped "none of them" thinking he would go asleep for 2 mins and then I could send him again.

    Not so! Has gone asleep for 2 hours¡! And i have nothing to show for it. And the booster only lasts three hours.

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    Enable diamond confirmation --- but beware: it only works in some places! ❇click for info❇
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