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    Quote Originally Posted by frisco[supercell] View Post
    status: Hay day is in maintenance! The update is currently rolling out worldwide, so please be patient if you can't update yet!

    looking forward to new rewards for your farming experience? Wait no more, as our latest farmtastic update is here!

    introducing: Boosters!
    • boosters make your farming more dynamic! Would you like your crops to temporarily grow faster? Maybe fill a boat crate or two? Or even hiring tom and the helpers for free? Boosters have got you covered!
    • boosters of several different types and rarities. Will you get a rare 5-star booster?
    • up to 80 unique boosters available!
    • get them as rewards from several places, including the derby, game events, the wheel of fortune, and even in the mid level up rewards!
    • easily manage your boosters through the brand new booster storage.
    • the gift catalogue now offers special booster-only packages!

    community requested features:
    • new expansion area type: Special farm expansions with exclusive decorations inside! Collect expansion permits in the derby, mystery boxes and the wheel of fortune to access these new areas.
    • need more space fast? We also added many new regular farm expansion areas.
    • want something new in the derby? Check out the new combo tasks, which require you to complete different kinds of actions in a single task!
    • speaking of the derby, leaders and co-leaders can now ‘opt out’ neighborhood members from the derby.
    • players in the last helpers tab (friends bar) will disappear in 72 hours (change from 2 weeks).

    • added thai language support
    • bug fixes

    coming soon:
    • keep an eye out for something cuddly!
    • there's also some... Oh sorry, we’re not allowed to talk about that yet

    boosters unlock at level 35 and special expansion areas at level 29. For more info on how the special new expansion are work, or how the boosters work, head over to our support pages for great articles:

    not too bad if i may say so!



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    There's a glitch with the font in the game. :/

    Oh and the scarecrow is introducing me to Rose and Ernest...
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    Stopped maintenance, forwarded to App Store, downloaded, but when loaded, back into maintenance again, ��������
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    All I have ever asked for, for at least the last two years, is a compost area on the farm, let's face it every farm would and should have one. I do not want 'gold statues' or Cellos as what good are they to a farm? PLEASE will someone take the my suggestion seriously.

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    New Update 😊😊😊

    Ty!!! Ty!!!! Ty!!!!! Supercell simply awesome updates!!! I am soooooo excited!!! I cannot wait!!! Best game ever! Beautiful, fun, caring and just the best stress buster in the world!! Apart from when fighting for 1st place in the Derby!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Then time for excessive​ cups of coffee and palpitations!!! 😋😋😋

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    Introduction for Rose and Ernest repeats itself, scarecrow does not disappear even after confirming rose and ernest assignments. Also did not receive 5 free diamonds for updating app.
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    Laugh, back into maintenance. Today is going to be both fun and frustrating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatfinger View Post
    Stopped maintenance, forwarded to App Store, downloaded, but when loaded, back into maintenance again, ��������
    Within 10 min twice maintenance work. Once 5 minutes. And now I was told to wait almost an hour.

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    Well, that was a fun preview! My thoughts so far...

    The GOOD

    I'm very pleased to have more land available.

    I'm thrilled to have new content, irrespective of what it is.

    I love the little white chairs.

    The Not So Good

    I'm disappointed we didn't get the tulips from the Sneak Peek

    White flowers - I don't like them. Disappointed when there are so many other possibilities.

    Boosters - Disapponted in the display. I was hoping for something smaller but similar to the Derby stand. Not just a tab like the edit function.

    Not keen on most of the Deco in the Special Deco Land. Especially not the weird trees with lights, there are so many prettier options!

    Curious to see what others think so far...
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    There was a minor glitch on the servers, thus we needed to go back into maintenance!


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