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Thread: [Guide] Complete Guide to the Forums

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    [Guide] Complete Guide to the Forums

    The forums are the place for discussion about SuperCell's games- Clash of the Clans and HayDay(I don't play this as it's just not my cup of tea, so this guide will definitely be more guided towards the CoC side, but applicable to both).

    Please note that this guide is unofficial(though it does address) many issues as stated by officials. It is for the sole purpose of being a more convenient place to understand the forums, and should be referenced as such.DO NOT TAKE THIS AS THE WORD OF SC, I am not in any way affiliated with them.

    Now the forums have answers to a ton of answers strewn around sometimes making it incredibly difficult to answer the questions. Because of this, if there's a guide on a subject, it'll be linked with a brief description, rather than making this a ten page guide. I'll break it up by posts to make it easier to reference/read).


    This whole section is linked to the forum rules, which above anything else you should read. In short it says:

    -Be constructive, nice, and helpful in your posts (If you wouldn't say it to your grandma, don't say it here). Mostly just don't be stupid, rude, or a mule with your posts.

    -Don't multi-post. Don't do it for bumping(the only exception to this will be addressed later) or increasing your post count--the forums take well to quality over quantity.

    -Thou shalt not pretend to be SuperCell.

    -Don't talk about anything illegal or anything that violates the ToS(Terms of Service) of the game.

    -One forum account per user. Speak English unless you create a private group.

    -Don't run your own competition(for a reward) without written consent from SC.

    -No GIFs(moving images that loop back)

    -They don't remove posts you don't like on request. Only report when it's a direct violation of the rules.

    -PM(private messages) aren't monitored, but if a violation occurs you can report it.

    -Read stickies and post where things should go.

    -Bans are tricky so read the actual wording of the thread.

    It also essentially says that the forums are to discuss and develop ideas about the game and in a way build community.

    It's related, but long so I'll just link them:
    Terms of Service
    Privacy Policy

    That's it for the introduction.

    Each section will be linked by quote here(tap the blue arrow button) as the posts are pretty long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forte View Post
    Proper Posting
    Quote Originally Posted by Forte View Post
    Forum Mechanics
    Quote Originally Posted by Forte View Post
    Allusions of the Forums
    I'll be open to any additions/changes just tell me where and why.
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    Proper Posting

    Well, this one section may be the most relevant to some of the older folk as it'll will be like a short version of an English class to learn how to argue/write.


    As you know the way you talk should fit your environment(hopefully you don't talk to your boss like you do your dog), so I'll try to explain the environment of the forums in general(Not the sub-forum) to allow you to better your posts. The general atmosphere of the forums is usually somewhat formal, but not meeting the Queen formal. You should use proper grammar and spelling , but realize that tiny errors will often be tolerated. It is in your best interest to make sure that your title is grammatically correct as if it is not it may deter some people away limiting the development/awareness of your idea(s).

    When responding to a thread, put a little effort or something of value in rather than just "no 10chars", add something to the discussion unless it is something blatantly obvious that is a one or two word answer. Never do personal attacks as that can lead you to get banned.You can make a point that references the person, but do not say "uz an ideeut", explain the flaw of their idea. Complements are typically welcome, but do not simply say good idea to every thread/post to up your post count(it's about quality NOT quantity).

    Remember that you do not have to post on every thread. If what you're going to say has already been said, don't say it. If you see anything objectionable, use the report button (the triangle looking thing at the bottom left of the post). Don't abuse it or you'll be abused by the ban hammer(or another punishment).

    Respect your elders. Older/ more prominent forum members (I'll list a few in the allusions section often have quite a bit of experience and know the game pretty well, and their opinions should definitely be valued. Above them are the God-I mean moderators(I taught I saw a modewator?). They're the awesome people with the green or red names (I did, I did saw a modewator!). These guys(and gals) can do many things that you cannot on the forums, so player message one and they'll likely do what you ask if there's good justification. You can check if one of these mysterious creatures are on by going to the main page( and there's a list of currently active members and you just look for a green or red name.

    Start a thread with a title that concisely reflects the subject of the thread. Don't be vague or general unless it directly relates to the subject at hand.

    In short be constructive and polite and you should have no problems in the realm of etiquette.

    You'd be well advised to read these before you prowl the forums, as it is a lovely guide on how to avoid ticking off the fellows in charge.

    Some discussions can get pretty hot in a debate, so if you can argue well you can make an idea as ridiculous as eating babies as in Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal seem the right way.

    In debate there are three aspects that can sway opinions- ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is credibility, and you gain this with proper etiquette, grammar, and tone. You will slowly gain in this area as you post more quality posts and make a good name for yourself. Pathos is arguably the most powerful aspect-emotion. This rides on using tone to create an atmosphere were people will care deeply about an issue. This one can best be used by using words with the right connotation (the emotional feeling tied to language as opposed to dennotation, which is the actual definition). Logos is logic, and many favourite. To have good logos you should have an idea that is well-thought-out, can stand up to scrutiny, and considers all aspects of the argument. Using this one a lot can definitely build ethos.

    You should also consider your audience when posting. The forums are mostly 13-30 year old farmers from the English speaking world. Consider this as you post (SC is officially in Helsinki, Finland, but the mods are fairly spread out).

    In logic there are flaws known as fallacies. There are many so have this link:

    There are also quite a few Latin phases used on the forums and can help make a point. As with fallacies, there are a ton of these so enjoy the link:

    The Sub-Forums

    These are the categories of threads that create the forums. I'll treat each to its own sub-section. Each one will go over the stickies and each description will be linked to the sticky.

    You can't post here . Mods post information about maintenance breaks, updates, and new forum staff.

    The cool people's hang out . This one is pretty general-hence the name-and is for anything related to the game. This one is watched pretty closely by mods.

    There is typically a temporary sticky related to an update or some other event.

    Thread of Threads-This one is extremely useful as it contains several very useful threads. It's a nice chunk of links.

    Warning SC will never ask for passwords-it's pretty self explanatory,just don't EVER give out your GC info.

    Third party gem/account sites- similar to the above except it's third party sites. Same as before don't give out your GC

    Forum rules and welcome-similar to this, but it is the official version.

    The Meerkat's Hall of Fame-stop by to check the records.

    Ideas/Feature Requests
    To veteran forumers this is like the bad part of down that you don't go to. It's often flooded with repeated/ruled-out ideas. Occasionally there is a poll here on which ideas are the most wanted. It could be good, but is often flooded. It's got a lot of 'forum police' and is a bit easier on the moderation.

    Getting started- This one talks about how to post here. It is similar to my etiquette section, and effectively says to discuss the idea, Not the person, and to have a title that reflects the idea. Read it if you post here.

    Ideas Sticky/ ruled out and considered ideas-IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD READ IT! The ideas at the top aren't ruled out, but have already been suggested. You can develop these ideas, but don't just re-suggest them. The ones at the bottom won't happen, so don't ask. Search for your idea as well(they'll be a section for it in the next post).

    OK, so I was put to shame and work. Since the last edit not only is there a new sticky, there's also two new sub-sub-forums for you to play with .

    Read the sticky sticky- New one. No more posting any generic read the sticky-type responses, the spam filter went to the dentist and can now bite the ban hammer hard enough if you say read the sticky enough(might be at my limit now)

    Hello Kitty's ideas forum posting guide- read it. 'Tis a tale of love and loss, international intrigue, and what to do so you don't annoy the grumpy me or many others.

    New Hero/troop sticky-This is for the sub forum. In a nutshell, it says that when suggesting give details or be ignored/closed, simple as that.

    Spell suggestions sticky-exact same as above, just different words . Same thing: details or close, take your pick.

    They've said there could be more added as they see necessary to make me edit this section, so expect that there could be more to come.

    Bugs and Problems
    Post here to discuss issues/Bugs in the game. Pretty obvious and typically some closure comes from this. Most things can be addressed by support, however.

    Village/Save transfer guide- useful and fairly obvious what it's about. Big thing is to make sure it's tied to your GC.

    App crashes/loading failures- kinda self-explanatory. Have good internet, and reset are the usual fixes.

    Problems with buying gems-Well shucks Jimbo, I ain't sure what this'uns about, but I reckon it's got sumptin ta do with buyin them gems

    They added two subcategories for Android specific bugs and iOS specific bugs, with plenty of stickies, which I won't list, but you can have some fun as each type is linked to the sub-subforum.

    Tactics, Strategies, and Questions
    This one is mostly for base/army compilations. A few questions on what to upgrade, and maybe a few strategies regarding how and where to raid. Nice lil' sub-forum.

    What to do about a premature TH-great guide and the only sticky of this sub-forum. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news so read it for yourself to understand it.*NOTE* the sticky is somewhat outdated, and with our Hannibal MIA, make due with what's there and people will help with questions.

    Clan Talk
    This one is for recruiting/joining clans. Use the rhetoric section to help get people to join. Include most of your stats if looking for a clan. You officially can bump once every 24hrs. I don't spend a lot of time here, but feel free to enjoy yourself here.

    Mods visiting clans-Pretty simple, mods will occasionally visit a clan listed there

    The subforum has several rotating stickies featuring clans, and as I tend to be bad at updating this, I'll just include a link to this paragraph to the whole subforum.

    Attack/Defense Log
    This is for showing off good raids. Mano a Manos(attacks against two forum members) also go here.

    Rules of the Sub forum-explains the Sub-forum and says that naming rules are relaxed here.

    This sub forum is for creative expressions in clash. Nice variety here, but not very popular.

    Signature banner services-This lists some forum members who do signature banners. They do it on their own time and for free, but pick one and be patient.

    Fan art-any artsy stuff for clash goes here. Rules are kinda limp so this one tends to be more for one time things.

    This is where clash-offs(occasional competitions for gem rewards that usually have a theme that requires creativity) and the forum award(award every month of gems for a forum member who meets various qualifications that change every month).

    Off-topic/forum games
    This one is broken up into two sections: forum games(posting games) and other unrelated things that build community. Ten posts to post here and don't annoy the mods with what you post.

    Rules of the Sub-forum-pretty much what I just said, but one key thing to note is if you have under 50 posts don't link anything there as the spam filter may ban you.

    Forum mysteries uncovered- a thread with forum secrets, a nice compliment to this thread, so if you have the time, stop by.

    Erm... there's Steve's sticky on cutest bunnies, but I kind of imagine it's temporary.

    Device Wars-Well, Steve wanted me to write another section so he created a new sub-sub-forum, specifically for arguing of devices. It's a little lighter on the moderation, but any persona attacks won't be tolerated.
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    Forum Mechanics

    This section is about how to make the forums obey you whether they like it or not. I'm not going to reinvented the wheel, so this section should be shorter than the rest as it'll be mostly links. I'm fully aware that in a machine as complicated as the forums I'll miss something so if I do I'll definitely add it.

    A lot of what I'm going to say is in the FAQ, so I'll link the section relating to it under each main link if there's a guide for the subject already(which the section will be linked to). If there isn't a guide to it I'll link the FAQ section to the text. This section is linked to the main FAQ page.

    For the formatting text, it's usually placed in brackets [ ] ,but so it doesn't treat it as actual formatting I'll use { } for it.

    You can have some fun with zombiebender's very detailed forum searching guide or go with the FAQ's guide:

    This is OJM's guide, but there's also:
    Junliang' s
    And the FAQ:

    Formatting Text
    Most of these have a button for it, but I'll explain how to manually do it.

    Bolding: {B}Text{/B}

    Underlining {U}text{/U}

    Italicizing {I}Text{/I}

    {Quote=username;post number(I've yet to figure out how the number is assigned)}Quoted text that can be edited{/Quote}
    Linking(edit these into your posts if under 50 posts or it'll have to be reviewed by a mod and will be buried from the start. {URL="URL address in quotes"}Text that you want linked{/URL}

    {Size=1}Size 1 text{/Size}
    {Size=2}Size 2 text{/Size}
    {Size=3}Size 3 text{/Size}
    {Size=4}Size 4 text{/Size}
    {Size=5}Size 5 text{/Size}
    {Size=6}Size 6 text{/Size}

    There's a lot of fonts so I'll just use times new Roman
    {font=name of text you want to use}text{/font}

    {Color=red(or whatever color)}Text{/color}

    {Center}Centered text{/center}
    {Right}Righted text{/right}
    {left}lefted text{/left}

    {Code}Code text{/code}
    HTML Code:
    {HTML}HTML text{/Html}
    PHP Code:
    {Php}Php text{/Php
    • {list}
    • {*}new item
    • {/List}

    1. {list=1}
    2. {*}numbered item
    3. {/List}

    {Indent} indented text{/indent}

    Sub/super script
    Reference{sub}subscript text{/sub}
    Reference{sup}superscript text{/sup}

    Line across


    Tables would be a staight up B to work with so I'll just explain the formatting:
    {Table="width=(Width of the table the standard is 500), align=(left, right, or center)}
    {Tr}(label for each row)
    {Td}text for the cell(each {td}{/td} set represents one column for the row){/Td}

    Because I can't think of a way to change it I'll throw a hyphen between the text and (semi)colons.
    :eek: :-eek-:

    A handsome nonameentered fellow created a lovely guide to the smilies, which by the work of some kind of magician, is linked to this sentence

    You can go to settings in the upper left and add a good chunk of information about yourself. The signature is a max of 5 lines or 1k characters. You can put whatever you want there, but here is a guide for a signature picture:

    That's it for this section I'm sure that I've missed something(though it can usually be found in the FAQ), so if you would like me to go into more detail on a section/aspect simply request.
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    Allusions of the Forums

    This one will talk about some of the references of the forums. I can't get ALL of them so as I see one I'll add it.

    The Moderators
    These fellas have varying powers, but all have more than us.

    Here's a chart with their titles and each name is linked to their page

    In the forums there are a few clans (families), that are prominent. I'll list a few and links to their threads.

    The Unity Alliance

    The Sky Family

    DTP(I can't find your recruitment thread, sorry)

    iQuit(same as DTP)

    InTheDark(same as above)

    Clowns in the circus. These are the notable forum members, who have considerable experience/wisdom and therefore should be taken somewhat seriously. I'm going with the forum elite members to pick who's in this list and a few other big names. I do sincerely apologize if I forget you, if you feel like it, request to be on the list, but it's pretty much up to my discretion whether you go on because it'll be a pain in the rear to fix the list. I'm not linking them to pages, use the search function to find them.

    I editted the chart to be more objective, but it doesn't necessarily categorize them by the best posts. It's always about quality over quantity. Some people's posts are worth three of another's. I won't pick names, but after reading the etiquette section you can see what I mean. I'm not saying that anyone there is completely unreliable, just some are more reliable than others.

    I'm really sorry to those I remove, but I was informed that lists like these(popularity contests of sorts) are generally frowned upon, so I am turning it into a more objective list. I was given a list that lists the people in the forums (HayDay and CoC) by number of posts(it leaves out inactive and banned , I think?). I'll be going down that list a doing every CoC forumer with over 750 posts(Yeah that's because of me, what are YOU gonna do 'bout it?). This doesn't necessarily mean that they are the most knowledgeable, it just tends to mean that they have the most experience. I'll throw your post count at the time of writing in. If I miss you get the noose ready and tell me and I'll put you on:

    Pro Member 6,287
    Pro Member 4,524
    Senior Member 3,932
    Senior Member 3,727
    Senior Member 3,567
    Senior Member 3,474
    Poet Laureate 3,461
    Senior Member 3,303
    Senior Member 3,189
    Senior Member 3,172
    Senior Member 3,066
    Senior Member 2,738
    Senior Member 2,487
    Senior Member 2,483
    Senior Member 2,332
    Senior Member 2,230
    Senior Member 2,191
    Senior Member 2,178
    Senior Member 2,042
    Senior Member 2,026
    Addicted 1,965
    Addicted 1,953
    Addicted 1,943
    Addicted 1,920
    Master of GFX 1,914
    Addicted 1,855
    Addicted 1,854
    Addicted 1,806
    Addicted 1,800
    Addicted 1,758
    Forum Mad Scientist 1,754
    Addicted 1,693
    Addicted 1,663
    Addicted 1,661
    Addicted 1,592
    Addicted 1,472
    Addicted 1,442
    Addicted 1,413
    Addicted 1,408
    Addicted 1,394
    Addicted 1,386
    Addicted 1,368
    Addicted 1,360
    Addicted 1,346
    Addicted 1,298
    Addicted 1,293
    Addicted 1,273
    Addicted 1,267
    Addicted 1,262
    Addicted 1,236
    Addicted 1,231
    Addicted 1,211
    Addicted 1,199
    Addicted 1,154
    Addicted 1,154
    Addicted 1,151
    Addicted 1,128
    Addicted 1,117
    Addicted 1,111
    Addicted 1,104
    Addicted 1,097
    Addicted 1,083
    Addicted 1,079
    Addicted 1,062
    Addicted 1,032
    Addicted 1,016
    Addicted 1,008
    Addicted 1,005
    Enthusiast 999
    Enthusiast 993
    Enthusiast 974
    Enthusiast 969
    Enthusiast 964
    Enthusiast 948

    Cited(more for my convenience when updating)-

    References and Slang
    Last section of this wall of text
    This one should be short for now.
    Here's a link to some of the CoC abbreviations:
    That one covers a few, but not all of them.(I'm drawing a blank right now, but I'll see if they hit me later)

    Illy(illustris aka the witch) was a forum member who was banned for arguing publicly with a mod.

    and was deemed by PedroLee to "have nothing but love in that face", and was later termed Pedrolling. It is used for a happy joke or to spread the love in an angry thread.

    Crab claws have always been a tag of the update sneak peaks.

    Forum Elite is a trophy push of the more prominent forum members.

    Collectors in a corner... is a reference to when someone is quitting to make their resources easy to loot. Usually means a lack of sympathy towards the person quitting.

    {Insert short phrase here} 10char(acter)s is phase to finish a post if the answer is incredibly short. The forums require ten characters per post, so this satisfies the requirement.

    There's more, but I'm drawing a blank again...

    Well I hope you enjoyed reading that more than I did writing it, ot I seriously ticked you off . Hope this helped someone learn something, peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baconman View Post
    Fairly sure GIFs are allowed, as long as they are confined to Off Topic.
    I've seen a guy with a GIF as an avatar... is that allowed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baconman View Post
    Fairly sure GIFs are allowed, as long as they are confined to Off Topic.
    I thought so too, but some rules are taken more leniently in the right situations, so to not get those who can't distinguish in trouble, I'll leave it there.

    Rule ten for reference.

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    Dont think gifs are allowed as avatars but i have seen a few here and there. Overall, a nice guide for beginners.
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    Nice post, should help the newbies ( though I am one). =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbychan193 View Post
    I've seen a guy with a GIF as an avatar... is that allowed?
    They were at one point, but I believe they were taken down, and are not allowed anymore.
    I'm not a mod though, you'd be better of PMing one of them to be sure if need be.
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