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Thread: Getting clan chat

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    Getting clan chat

    I know it's not possible through the API but maybe someone can shed some light on a possible way. I've tried to sniff packets but I'm not experienced enough to find the right packet for it. I found the message ID for it but it doesn't seem to help me. (Called AllianceStream).
    Anyone can help out?

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    To be honest, only way to do this is to hack the game either directly or some type of man in the middle hack. Either way, its not something I'm willing to do nor help with as it violates the game rules. I'll get data from the API only.
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    I don't see how that violates the game rules. Sure - sniffing packets and using MitM might be considered a "hack" but I'm looking to use that for my own personal use, never mind that you cannot do much if at all with a clan chat log.
    I've sniffed around, it doesn't seem like the game saves a cache of clan chat like most games do and sends it over every time you log in, so only options are being using a memory viewer and find the correct addresses, contact supercell and ask for clan chat API which is doubtful or utilize packets.

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    You are talking about a way to capture communication between the client (clash of clans) and their server environment (supercell servers). As you said, there isn't that much data cached locally. This makes sense, as many client/server apps (not just games, any app) do NOT want to cause an out of sync condition. The problem is that it isn't possible to filter out just clan conversations. You have to capture it all. This is how exploits occur. If you know what the server is expecting, you can fake it. If you know what the client is expecting, you can fake it. Current modding tools out there that exist that take advantage of the client. My opinion is that no one will try to help you with this because of the potential of a legal violation (gems being bought, for instance, or approvals of transactions). Your best bet is to contact supercell for a clan chat API, although I do agree is doubtful.
    Conceptually, it will be cool to get the chat and have it be a two way tool (authenticated & validated somehow, of course).
    You can create a bot that sends out war plans or automatically welcomes new members and has them go to external resources (website, line/kik app, facebook group, mailing, etc..)
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    Creating such a bot was my intention. I didn't know that the game sends one big packet which includes everything so I suppose no one will help me indeed if it contains other vulernable information.
    Thank you.

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    Since this is being brought up as a good feature. Being able to send & view chat message through API with the clan authentication is a good addition for continuous chatting in & out of game. Especially since the ingame chat is really limited in terms of editing & other functionalities so such a feature is really nice imo

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    intercepting client and server traffic wont help as the packets are encrypted/compressed/obfuscated something like that. not in plain text.

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    That's a funny Idea,
    At first reading the title I was wondering why somebody would be interested in storing chat logs to be honest.

    The two ways communication is very advantageous yes for the examples listed above I would find usefull for any clan member to request the war info typing a command that a bot would recognize and reply to ("/warinfo")
    Usually my clan works with Messages not with chat so they just have to hit their mailbox to see it but it has its limitations as well.
    So at the end for me, a copy past in the bot reply or in the game message is the same effort.

    welcome messages are also a good idea, listing community rules to new comers is a pain in clans with high turnover.

    I don't see that coming though, it would be a door open for spam in generals/clans chat unless limited and well protected...

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