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Thread: Preview Clan castle contents while attacking

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    Preview Clan castle contents while attacking

    It would be nice to be able to preview the contents of the clan castle while attacking to determine if I want to deploy the donated troops or not (sometimes I forget to check the castle contents before launching an attack). I was thinking that while attacking you could tap on the clan castle to select it and it would pop up another row listing the troops it contains. (Maybe even allowing you to deploy troops selectively during the battle instead of all or nothing.)

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    In revenged attack, preview is fine but when attacking normal, behind closed doors you don't need to know what's behind it, right? Let's say you're playing poker and everyone's cards are facing down, do you ask them to open them first and then make a bet?

    No offence, mate. Just my two cents.

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    No offense taken. You don't understand the intention of the feature request. I don't propose seeing what's in *their* clan castle while attacking, I want to preview what's in *my* clan castle while attacking. (And hopefully being able to deploy the troops selectively in the order and timing that I want.)

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