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Thread: New TH7 Anti-Drag, Anti-Giant War Base

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    Flameless Fortress (Anti-Drag, Anti-Giant War Base)

    Hello chief,

    This here is a new th7 war base I made and is by far the most successful base I've ever made on a th7. The base is most effective against mass dragon attacks and works very well against a giant attack too.

    Here is a short working principle of the base:

    Against mass dragon attacks

    Mass dragon attack is a very commonly used and a very effective attack strategy used against th7s and th8s in clan wars. Th7s provides only minimum resistance against this due to its limited defensive structures and can only be compensated by an effective base design. Now a mass dragon attacker will first of all take out the air defense on either the left or right with lightning spells and spread his dragons on the opposite side. Here, both the sides are covered with buildings hence making the dragons kill time and giving the two air defenses time to take'em down.

    Against giant attacks

    Giant attacks are not very frequently used against th7s and th8s in clan wars and is used either when the attacker is short on elixir or hasn't unlocked the dragons yet. Then too this strategy provides a guaranteed 3-stars attack to an experienced attacker. A typical giant attacker will deploy the giants on the mortar at the bottom trying to reduce as much splash damage as possible for his wizards and/or archers. There are two giant bombs waiting for them near the mortar. An experienced player would deploy one giant first to check for traps which will let the giants bombs go to waste but I don't see it as a downside when considering the rest of the base. Funneling is done right and is 100% guaranteed that the traps are all used. The giants will go around destroying defenses and would only get to the core when half of the defenses are destroyed which will give the teslas time to take'em out. And they still have the rest half to go through.

    The only downside I see in this base is that a th6 can score a 1-star or even 2-stars from this base due to the unprotected buildings on the outside but is better than a 3-starred attack when it comes to clan wars.

    I hope this base works for you as it did for me. Please leave your valuable suggestions and feedback below.
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    TH7 is a tricky TH, because you can get smashed by your own level. However, I like this base, anti-drag is a must.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmille3 View Post
    TH7 is a tricky TH, because you can get smashed by your own level. However, I like this base, anti-drag is a must.
    True, TH7 is very vulnerable against dragon attacks. Thanks for your feedback. Happy clashing.

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    Please post some of your defense logs from wars if you have used my base so others can rely on it too.

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