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    Do They Add more names over time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    Found a new one:
    Nice Find ! Congrats.
    Just included it in the list.
    Any ideas what the connection is between 9494 and "That's Right" ? (I have no clue).

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    Don't get the ones after the repeated periods. Can someone explain please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziya645 View Post
    Don't get the ones after the repeated periods. Can someone explain please?
    If you are referring to the titles in blue on the first page, those are special titles given when you reach the corresponding post counts. Those particular names are usually relevant to that post count.

    For example post count 411 renders the forum title "Information" because that's the number you call for info. Once your post count changes, the title reverts back until you reach the next title.
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