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Thread: New! Ekk, help!

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    New! Ekk, help!

    Hi, I am really new to the game (level 10 farm) and I am so excited for NH, any tips on leveling up faster without hacking or anything? (e.g. Crops, etc.)
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    In the lower levels getting coins and diamonds is probably the best coins for purchasing machines or fruit the free movies by your mailbox for free tools and diamonds.....keep wheating and have fun.....

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    Hi, I'm still fairly new myself. I've got to level 34 by sheer determination really. Keep crops going constantly, sell stuff to make extra money for extra builds (also frees up space to keep cropping) and try getting all delivery's out add me if you like
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    I was new not long ago, level 48 now.

    Grow wheat non stop, I sell mine for $1 to make sell fast. But get lot's of bolts, panels, land deeds etc.

    Only focus on expanding ONE at a time and sell everything else. Fastest and easiest way to make money. And at your level, don't have barn space to save more then one type at a time anyways.

    And keep farming. Hay Day will suck you in. As you keep leveling up, get new parts to play with. And ask here anything. I read from beginning, only recently started to talk. But good group here who will help with anything you need.

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