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Thread: Somethings you need to know about CLAN BATTLES

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    Somethings you need to know about CLAN BATTLES

    Hi Guys I am sharing some information about CLAN BATTLES

    -- Starting on 24th March.

    -- Will be every alternate week replacing clan chest, for example we have clan chest this week so on next week it is clan battle and the coming next clan chest and then clan battles and so on..

    -- Crowns didn't get counted to clan battle chest only WINS gets counted

    -- You can still play this game mode even after acheiving tier 10 chest but wins will not be added.

    -- Playing with friends in friendly battle is not available as this game mode is clan vs clan.


    -- 110 Wins needed to achieve tier 10 chest.

    Please let me know other points which have not added above so that I will update.

    Source(s): Wiki
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    Need information about 2v2 clan battles? Check here

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    I wish we could friendly battle with this game mode. It would be so much fun.
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    Yup, wish it was there

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