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Thread: Need a good clan

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    Join sunleague!! brand new clan collecting chill teens and adults with regular donations, tourneys and an active chat

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    Nov 2016
    If you're still looking check out OPD's #2QVULCY

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    Trainee Solxthedabbers's Avatar
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    Mar 2017
    Trying to become a beast
    You are more than welcomed at our clan The Dabbers #9Y8UCJ2. We are active and donate a lot and are looking for more clan mates

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    Oct 2016
    TOP 100 CLAN UK

    We are recruiting for our main, sister and filter clans!

    Main Clan "SCOTLAND⚔"
    Clan Tag ➡️ #RC9YJV9
    Clan trophies- 39K
    Trophy requirement is 3600+
    Donations- 30K

    We have 39K clan trophies and continuous pushing for more! We're a TOP 100 Clan in the UK!! This acknowledgement of hard work has paid off in such a short time! Our adult, loyal and active members are essential to our progress! I've set out a MINIMUM of 200 donations per season and 32 crowns in the clan chest to hit targets. NOTE- we are an INTERNATIONAL CLAN with members from all around the world! I'm new level 11, my personal best is 4,437 trophies with over 27k donations personally. The clan has about 30K donations per week and very active. The clan chest was achieved in 2 days -the luck of some members getting a few legendary cards, unfortunately I haven't yet! We have a group of friends at the core of the clan, so clan spirit is high! We currently have 108 legendary arena players across 3 clans, of which TWELVE 4K players and looking to build upon that. We've set up a well organised tournament system, which we host our tournaments every weekend for all the clans!! I also encourage clan mates to share replays and challenge each other to friendly battles so that players can learn from each other and improve. We have recently set up a FACEBOOK GROUP that all the clans use to communicate, share photos, watch live matches and share tournaments etc. If your an ambitious, active and donating clasher this is the clan for you!

    The Sister Clan to "SCOTLAND⚔"is..
    Clan tag ➡️#9C2Y2LV
    Clan trophies-34K
    Trophy requirement is 3000+
    Donations- 22K

    The aim is to be a filter for some of our lowest players in the main clan, it gives them an opportunity to fight for a top spot. It allows them to gain more trophies under less pressure and to gain their position back in the main clan. This promotion/ relegation - based on trophies, allows us to seamlessly merge the clans and creates a competitive structure. The idea behind this method is not to kick players but to keep them happy within the clans. They know what to expect between clans with the same leadership and with the clans getting maxed clan chest no one misses out!

    Clan tag➡️#RQ9LLV2
    Clan trophies-30K
    Trophy requirement- 2600+
    Donations- 21K

    Our newest clan, set up to compliment our successful structure. We hope this will be an opportunity for players to learn from the 108 legendary arena players with great knowledge and experience of the game! We have some of our legendary arena players in this clan and they're active and constantly giving deck advice and tips to get to arena 10! This clan works the exact same with members pushing for positions in the sister clan. We hope to have players progressing through the clans to the main clan! If your new to clash and looking for guidance, this is the clan for you!!


    Our newest clan
    Clan tag➡️#2GLC09QU

    Be a FOUNDING MEMBER! Let's keep growing our network and we'll see you progress to the top clan!! Tips, tricks and deck building advice all available upon request!

    Thanks for reading! Come check our family out!

    Thanks for reading! Come check our family out!

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