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Thread: Need a good clan

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    You may want to consider the UnderWorld community. Our international clan partnership offers weekly tournaments, friendly competition, strategy advice, and regular donations. The UnderWorld has members from 16 countries across four continents. Both clans have trophy totals over 33k and weekly donations above 20k.

    �� UndeRated (#222VGJ) finishes every Clan Chest event early. We finished the latest one in 13 hours. This clan prioritizes member activity, growth, and participation in events and in chat.

    �� UnderLings (#2R09PPPG) finished the latest clan chest event in 10 hours. This clan prioritizes member improvement via advice and strategy, which makes this a great clan in which to learn, grow, and excel.

    Interested candidates must donate regularly, complete their daily crown chests, have 3000+ trophies, actively chat, participate in events, and have Discord access. To be considered for membership, please join our recruiting room at

    We look forward to winning with you!

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    If you can earn at least 32 crowns during each Clan Chest Event, and you want to open the level 10 Clan Chest

    Join FOREVER Destiny ! ! ! ! !

    • Are active and always complete clan chest event.
    • Earn at least 1,600 crowns each week.
    • Donate more than 17,000 cards each week.
    • Have Leagues players (4K+) offer tips on deck combinations.
    • Friendly, and mature.
    • Do NOT tolerate any flaming, harassment, racist, or verbal abuse.
    • Use English.

    FOREVER Destiny
    Clan Score: 27,000+
    Clan Chest: 10/10
    Members: 48/50
    Donations/week: 17K+
    Type: Open
    4K+ players: 2
    Arena 10 player: 6
    Required trophies: 1,800
    Location: International
    Clan tag: #9Q2J8LG

    Member duty (if you become one of us, you have to do it.):

    • Respect each others.
    • Earn at least 16 crowns during each Clan Chest Event.
    • With the great request comes great donation. (Like Spider-Men)
    • Be active

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    Hey guys. Just got tired of my old clan. Half of them not active, and others not doing crowns for the clan chest. We used to get to 8, with me on top with almost 200 crowns.

    I'm looking for active, friendly and mature people who can request, donate and help to get all 10 clan chests.

    Give us a try!!

    Join clan chest pro
    Tag #2JJ229YJ
    LEADER, Dragon Ynk

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    Come join our new clan cuddle monsters we want to build a good clan with active members we currently have 26 members and are at 24700 trophies and avg 660 donations a week we are all regular players who donate lots and contribute to chests. Most of us are in hog mountain or higher. Please join required trophies is 2000 clan tag is #2JULJV90. We are only a few days old and already have filled all donation's and have a 10/10 clan chest

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    NY USA
    ⚡️ Divine Dynasty ⚡️

    Leader : Midnight Pkz
    Co-Leader : KingSavage
    Elder : Greenz, Zoepax, Adrian, Dakota, Deathwish, Scott, Frink, Bawse.

    Hello! And welcome to ⚡️ Divine Dynasty! ⚡️ I created the Clan on 3/4/16 and we already have 10/10 Clan Chest Complete! We are an active, mature, loyal, and friendly Clan.

    About us :
    - Clan Score: 27,000
    - Donations/week: 18,000
    - Required Trophies: 2,000
    - Clan ID: #22UYYQRG
    - 40 Active, friendly, loyal Clan mates

    Requirements :
    - Minimum Clan Donations 250+
    - Minimum Clan Crowns 25+
    - 2,000
    - Must be active, friendly, and loyal
    - People with Promotions are required to download KiK for clan discussions / clan wars

    Clan Rules :
    - There is a minimum Clan donation required of at least 100+ cards per season.
    - There is a minimum Clan Crown requirement of at least 20+ per Clan Chest.
    - Keep our clan chat clean of profanity, and avoid everything that involves drama.
    - Be mature, be respectful to everyone, especially someone with a higher rank.
    - Follow your Leader & Co-Leaders rules .
    (PST: You will be removed if we see that you are not being active, donating, or contributing towards Clan Chest!)

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    good clash royal clan 2 pros and we are trying to get more people to join Clan is called KryptonicDeath™ #2CCC8GOV

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    The new best clash Royale clan need people to help 👍✌️❤️🔥 🔥🔥🔥

    good clash royal clan 2 pros and we are trying to get more people to join Clan is called KryptonicDeath™ #2CCC8GOV

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    "We are ka-tet" is a small new clan with very active and eager members. With just the 5 of us we easily get 5 chests on the clan battle. We would love to have any new members so we can increase that amount to 10 and get some donations flowing! We would love to have ya!

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    Australia, Sydney
    Rising Spirit Family is recruiting!
    Welcome to Rising Family!!! We are an International Clan that is Currently Looking for Some New Active Members. Our family consists of 2 Clans-

    1. RISING FLAME™...Tag-#2RYRCC2V

    Check Our Official Clan Poster Here---
    Art By Our Clan Leader Sam Eleven

    -Mature Members Only
    -No Milk Drinkers
    -You Can be a Teenager, but Make Sure to Leave all that Teenage Behind You!
    -If foul Language bothers you, This is Definitely not the Clan for you
    -We Are Mostly Just a Bunch of Guys From the United Kingdom and the States Wanting to Have Some Fun, so if You Are Not Okay With That Then You Can Bloody Off Mate
    -We Are Only Looking for ACTIVE Members
    -You Must Donate to Others or You Will Not Receive Back
    -We Do Not Care What Level You Are or How Many Trophies You Have, Just be Sure to Show Signs That you are growing

    Type: Open
    Leader: Sam Eleven
    Moderator: Blazy Sparks

    We Use Discord As A Third Party Communication Center. We Just Grab A Bear And CHEERS! Together There. Join Us In Discord For More Fun.

    If You Have Any Questions, Contact Me Directly

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    Quack Quack!!
    Hey, join Invictus Kings - #CR8PVJR (link to forum page in sig below). Clan invite only at 3000, JOIN FAST!! only 1 spot left!

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