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Thread: Another global thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaperRaj View Post
    I already suggested this in thread
    Just put "The mods are watching the chats " in the top of the global where it says don't share any personal information etc..

    Mods don't have to moderate the chat
    I know it's impossible for the mods to clean the global but seeing that sentence the players will think twice before using profanity in globals
    That would only be a temporary solution though, and very temporary at that. People would quickly discover that it's not actually true and things would go right back to the way global currently is. Putting an empty threat wouldn't really help much. The only way that would work is if there actually were moderators in global chat.

    Not sure theirs really a viable fix for this though. The mute and report buttons along with the ability to take a screenshot as evidence and report them to support is probaly the best we are going to get. It's unfortunate, that's why I rarely ever go into global. Very hard to find a good conversation their.

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    Sombody was harassing me all the time with no reason so I reported that to the support. And they took it seriously, probably banned the player for a few days
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