Dead clan trying to rebuild to a serious war clan.

We used to be a cas​ual war clan. We went down on members because we wanted to become serious. Which lead to mass kicking of noobs. We also lost members as they were taken away by clash royale or simply had to quit due to life.

We are now in search of non rushed th7+, who know how to use 3 star strategies and would be willing to help us rebuild.

If you are willing to join then we request you to follow these rules-:

1) Use clash caller for 15+ player wars.
2) Don't create drama.
3) Do not ask for promotion.
4) Use an anti 3 star base in war.
5) Use 3 star strategies in war.

Promotion system-:

1) Elder after 'new' after your name goes away.
2) Co-leader to the more reliable and helpful to the leader.

Clan - DyslexicGolem
Location - International
Clan tag- #GRG9LYJY

Please mention that you are from the forums. And we ain't going to stop until we become alive again.