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Thread: Third Proto - Good or Bad

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    Got two PvP today that didn't have 3 proto's and no ice - was like my lucky day, then closed the game and went to play Hay Day
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    i'm done...
    Quote Originally Posted by Fritzelly View Post
    Do any of them have a base that high?
    Obviously not. They don't play the game, or test the game. It's apparent after every update how out of touch they are with it all.

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    At 1086 vp, basically not attacking anything with ice and 3 protos and not being successfully raided. I'm beating 3 protos uniced or ice plus 2 protos but taking heavier losses than only a couple days ago.

    I've had 28 raid attempts with 3 successful raids on me in the last 36 hours.

    And crystals from Dr. T were terrible today (7 large and 1 huge plus shards).

    My base has eaten lots and lots of warriors, several crzm, several straight zookas, hammerman (easily). No attempts by gmen, tmed, or shooka.

    The 3 successful raids were super powdered (one at 254% GBE, +80% health, +72% damage).

    Right now, I'd recommend boosting brick to L2 asap and using the damage reduction power.

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    Ive not voted in the poll.

    I want to see how the land lies over the next few days and I have upgraded to all 3 abilities before voting.

    I only was raided 4 times on my main yesterday, I'm assuming because people were locked out of the game

    I got intel on all of them.

    11 raids.. 8 intel, two of the attacks seem to be ones they retreated on, no troops lost, Icant' vew them now.

    I have 3 protos, my 3rd is a level 1 doom cannon. I cant' face redoing my base. I just can't face logging in to the game for extended periods.
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    Honestly, just remove the third prototype and most people would be happier with this update. At least then War/TMed players would still stand a chance, and other combinations would still have a little harder time (MG buff).

    I'm level 47 and have triple prototype bases on my map.
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