If you can earn at least 32 crowns during each Clan Chest Event, and you want to open the level 10 Clan Chest

Join FOREVER Destiny ! ! ! ! !

  • Are active and always complete clan chest event.
  • Earn at least 1,600 crowns each week.
  • Donate more than 17,000 cards each week.
  • Have Leagues players (4K+) offer tips on deck combinations.
  • Friendly, and mature.
  • Do NOT tolerate any flaming, harassment, racist, or verbal abuse.
  • Use English.

Clan Score: 27,000+
Clan Chest: 10/10
Members: 48/50
Donations/week: 17K+
Type: Open
4K+ players: 2
Arena 10 player: 6
Required trophies: 1,800
Location: International
Clan tag: #9Q2J8LG

Member duty (if you become one of us, you have to do it.):

  • Respect each others.
  • Earn at least 16 crowns during each Clan Chest Event.
  • With the great request comes great donation. (Like Spider-Men)
  • Be active