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Thread: If you were to change cards' Rarities...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoKoLady View Post
    So you mean a Baby Dragon + Inferno Tower = Inferno Dragon? A tornado has special characteristic / unique ability where you cannot see to other cards but is an Epic rather than a Legendary.

    They also changed Mini Pekka and Prince's rarity as far as I remember.
    I think that was before global launch. Correct me if I am wrong

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    Princess, Prince and Dark Prince, they are born royal but do not share the same rarity, it doesn't feel right. It feels like the royal family consists of 1 Princess, 20 Princes, and 20 Dark Princes, what a ridiculous family composition. And the royal family is hiring 800 giants, each holding a cannon to protect the kingdom. Where do they find so many cannon holding giants? Hell knows, giants are rare.

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    Lumberjack to epic... ID to epic..
    Hog rider to common ( lol jk ) Ice Golem to common

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    I would like to change all my deck cards rarity to common so that I can max them all soon and get that Ultimate Champion Draft chest.

    Imagine Ewiz & Miner as a common card.
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