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    Question: How do you go through the process of making balancing cards and making sure a super bad card super overpowered such as how the elite barbarians turned out?

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    Would you ever consider adding the Archer tower or wizard tower? I think either one would be a great addition although the wizard tower might be a little too overpowered considering it wouldn't allow for anything to swarm your towers.

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    You guys buffed the Elite Barbarians too much, and the balance changes you did to them recently wasn't enough. They're still a struggle to deal with. I personally hate them, making them to 7 elixir will make people unable to combo them with Hog riders or Mini PEKKAs.

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    Another question: Would you ever consider adding a mode where we can choose our deck from any card in the game before battling but have it not count for or against your trophy count? I think it would be fun to use cards that I wouldn't be able to use otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FCAcetaminofeni View Post
    How youtubers get updates faster than us?
    Clash royale wants them to get them first so they can review them and everyone watching them gets excited and so that if everyone responds well they know what to keep and what to change in the update.

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