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Thread: Ideas for additions

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    Ideas for additions

    New Crops
    Zucchini can make zucchini bread, grilled zucchini etc.
    Orange trees can make juice, marmalade, creamsicles etc.
    Rose bushes can make herbal tea, wedding cake, candied flowers etc.
    New Animals
    Hives + Bees feed roses & harvest honeycomb can make poppycock, graham crackers etc. and use as alternative sweetener or in
    New Production Building
    Cosmetics maker can make lotions, eye makeup, candles etc. with honeycomb, soybeans, roses and indigo
    Additional Products
    BBQ corn
    Grilled cheese
    Vegetable casserole
    Cheese curds
    Chocolate covered strawberries

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    I especially like the cosmetics idea!

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    I have in idea what a poppycock, creamsicle or graham cracker is. Can we keep it internationally understandable?!

    agree some more loom items - scarf or socks? Socks would be cool!
    Pumpkin soup!
    beehive - great idea! Seen that idea come up a few times, awesome idea. It would be great to get a new type of production animal.

    What about a sandwich bar? We have burgers. We could grow lettuce.
    A roadside cafe? Turn the coffee shop into one and add sandwiches it's often out on the roadside on farms!
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    Idea for update

    I think you should let us mine for gems and jewels in addition to diamonds and metals. Then update the jewelry maker to let us make more jewelry.

    Options to harvest more meat like chicken or beef? Then we could have a taco truck or chicken nuggets etc.

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