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Thread: TH7 Farming Base

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    TH7 Farming Base

    Hello Clashers,
    I'm a fresh spawn here and desperately in need of a farming base for TH7. I have fully filled storages and am losing around 200k each of gold n' elixir when being raided. Although not much of an issue compared to 4M resources, it's still sad to see the trophies drop. Could you please suggest a good base design.

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    Hi! I understand your problem, but here's the thing, if you want to be a "true" farmer, you have to accept trophy drops.
    Try something like this, it protects resources well enough.
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    Sounds to me that you're looking for a Hybrid base. Something you won't lose all your resources and your TH. You're a TH7. Chances are your going to get crushed by almost every TH 8 that has a clue. It's ok though. It's the pecking order. You will continue to get destroyed by TH8s Until you become a TH8. Then you will get crushed by TH9's. It's a vicious cycle. My suggestion is that you buy $25,000.00 worth of gems and become a MAX TH11 as fast as you can. But that might not help either because you will still get crushed by TH11s. But at least you won't need the resources anymore! Good luck! Thor Max TH11

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    DokuganR made some of the best TH7 designs, check them out:
    add me on Epic @Bossmille3

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    I want to save my trophies n resourese as much as possible so would u show me a good base
    Thk u
    Rply me fast
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    Here are few Th7 war base that i like make sure to check them

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    i love these war bases make sure to check them out


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    try one of the both base

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