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Thread: RPG attempt...

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    i wish i had a move that deals 15 dmg to everyone....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilangel1 View Post
    i wish i had a move that deals 15 dmg to everyone....
    LOL That was my ultimate. Even, I nerfed my OWN move before using.
    As for my successful thread: 1. Casual Match Update

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    "Any new card that supports the meta and unveils a new play-style or has a new feature which has not yet been presented, even if it is balanced, it is bound to cause a huge change in meta and is 90% classified overpowered." - Law of Harish

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    Edit: Harish already won. :/ rip.
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    This is a video game. If you draw any comparisons to real life, it says way more about you than it does me.

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    {Ash, Baku, Sammy} - icey, you've just listed a pure bracket of townies as scums.
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    Then all three are being utterly useless townies

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