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Thread: I'm looking for.. 25 seconds of your life to read this

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    I'm looking for.. 25 seconds of your life to read this

    Male farmer,19
    Level 54,currently wanting a derby hood
    I always do 10 task,never miss a derby.
    I'm like.. dare to sacrifice anything for the sake of win.

    Trying to laughing with the others and maybe have a glass of glühwein (:

    Heed My Words, I'll prove it.

    Thank you,Mérci,Gracias,Danke,Спасибо(Spaseeba)

    Kik ID : ibelievekarma

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    You could give us a try. We are Moody Cows World Farmily. Our thread is listed below
    Take a look see if we could be a fit for you....

    Recruiting players level 40+

    Where have you been, we've been looking everywhere for you, you're the next new neighbour in our hood aren't you? What's that? You don't like silly dramatics? Well we think you'll fit right in here then coz we don't like kiddish antics either...
    Come on, we are waiting to meet you

    Tired of groups that aren't active?
    Enjoy competing & having fun?
    Tired of immature players who thrive on drama?
    Looking for leader team who won't take nonsense?


    Then welcome to your "forever hood" you'll be so glad you came!

    * Champion League
    * Worldwide members (English speaking please)
    * 9 X 310 points and above for all members or opt out
    * 10th task optional not essential
    * Elder status for all - bin all tasks under 310 without permission!
    * Facebook group - Messenger - Kik - Comms are essential!
    * Help for all members without question
    * Chatty and active 24/7

    Hood hoppers, drama queens and people who wanna take over need not apply. This hood will not revolve around you!!

    Players hail from


    Facebook: Moody Cows World Farmily
    Kik: Bu773rcup5
    Tag: #8PPWCQQU
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    English Speaking-Friendly-Donating-Drama Free-Derby Neighborhood.
    We are called Helpful Harvesters.
    My farm is called Carter Farms. I am also the leader! I am very active and very friendly. We all are! My silo is 3200 and barn 3100. There isn't much I dont ever have as I keep stocked up and always willing to help. We love doing the derby! We require 315+ tasks only and that you finish all tasks IF you are opted in for the derby! We understand life happens and you may have to opt out at times! We can't wait to see you there! Join us today!!!!! Required level 50

    Will be made elder upon joining!

    Remember- Helpful Harvesters

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    Come see us

    Casterly Rock is Recruiting Friendly, Active Neighbors! (Optional Derby 4 Horseshoes)
    Hello Fellow Farmers, and Welcome to Casterly Rock's Thread!

    We are a neighborhood that is first and foremost built around what originally made this game great - chatting and helpfulness!

    At this time we are a 20 strong nh looking to completely fill up with fun, friendly, chatty, helpful neighbors!

    We love nothing more than to get to know and bond with our new neighbors - our new hay day family!

    Some neighborhoods have tons of requirements, but not us - we like to keep it simple! Check it out below!

    ~ We Accept only FLUENT English speakers.
    ~ Be level 40 or above [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]
    ~ We are first and foremost chatty and helpful to all members. if you are quiet, please do not join.
    ~ We are courteous to all in the neighborhood. This means no bullying or rude behavior, as well as no shop raiding.
    ~ We play derby for Horseshoes ONLY.
    ~ If you choose not to derby, that is fine! participation is not required [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]
    ~ If you do participate, please do the amount of tasks specified for that week, ONLY doing 290 and above [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    Everyone is at least an elder to help with the board.

    We have a group kik chat for the nh - not required, but highly encouraged. We make some nh decisions as a group on that chat and there are game announcements on there as well [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    We encourage the maximum amount of trade, chat, and fun that is possible in this neighborhood!

    We like the idea of a close hay day family and everyone who has joined is extremely happy they did!

    That being said, there are a few things to be aware of. We are experienced with every kind of player in Hay Day and as such, we do not tolerate the following behaviors:

    ~ Joining and asking for many things right away is not a good first impression - we don't allow takers in the nh
    ~ Raiding shops (ie - taking everything from a neighbor's shop and not sharing) is not allowed
    ~ Constantly asking for BEM, SEM, LEM, or other premium materials is not allowed
    ~ Players who "Suck us dry" and constantly trade the items they receive outside the nh will not be tolerated. Only reason for this is that your nh is not to be used as your supply of extra items for outside trade [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]
    ~ Becoming inactive without warning or not chatting over time will usually be cause for removal.

    Do we want everyone to trade as often as possible? Of Course!
    Do we want people to get great help expanding their farm? Of Course!

    What we don't want are neighbors who take advantage of everyone else [IMG]file:///C:\Users\tbru\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\c lip_image001.png[/IMG]

    If you want a neighborhood where you will be able to help and get help in return, chat with great friends, and feel like you belong and have found your forever home, please come see us at CasterlyRock!

    Casterly Rock - Blue Goat with a Red Shield
    Tag #2ROPOJLV

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    Green Thumb Derby

    We're inviting ACTIVE, FRIENDLY, COMMITTED, HELPFUL derby partners to our champion league neighborhood.

    * 315+ derby tasks, 9/9, no pressure to use diamonds, some of us do 10 tasks but that's alright
    * Level 50+ recommended for derby, with town & fishing areas well developed. Exceptions are made if you're joining with a level 50+ friend.
    * quiet types or chatty types, you are welcome here
    * English please
    * everyone starts at elder so you can trash derby tasks yourself
    * feel free to call dibs on longer tasks!!!
    * opt in/out
    * no rules for selling. No one will tell you how to manage your farm or what price to set.
    * no rules on buying or asking for stuff. If it helps you, it helps all of us.
    * that's pretty much it! no weird rules here. We're all adults. Common curtesy, Golden Rule, blah blah blah.

    Currently, we are a small nh of 12 adults, mostly students and daytime workers. And we always finish derby near the top. Our neighbors come from Canada, Romania, India, Malaysia, Switzerland, and the US.

    Have a Wonderful Hay Day!
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    Aggie - Level 100 something
    Green Thumb Derby
    est. July 2016
    Trophy Count: 17 gold, 15 silver, 15 bronze

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    Quote Originally Posted by DropTheBeat View Post
    Male farmer,19
    Level 54,currently wanting a derby hood
    I always do 10 task,never miss a derby.
    I'm like.. dare to sacrifice anything for the sake of win.

    Trying to laughing with the others and maybe have a glass of glühwein (:

    Heed My Words, I'll prove it.

    Thank you,Mérci,Gracias,Danke,Спасибо(Spaseeba)

    Kik ID : ibelievekarma

    NH Name: The Derbinators (pink horse on blue background)

    Trophies: 29 gold, 16 silver & 9 bronze

    We LOVE derby!! Were looking for a few more derby winners who will do ALL they can to win those trophies! Were a 310+ NH but right now since were still small were doing ALL 320+ tasks!! Were on the championship league!!! The extra diamond task is REQUIRED (No Exceptions)!!! You can also opt out at anytime for a week or two but you must let the NH know! We ALWAYS get ALL of our horseshoes!! Everyone is made elders to help keep the lower tasks off the board!! Please be 21 years of age or older & speak fluent English!! I'm level 123 (❣️WAHLBERG RANCH❣️is my farm name) & we range from level 41 to level 123 & were from all over the world!! We hope you'll give us a shot to be your forever home!!

    Level 50 is what the NH is set at! Feel free to PM me or KIK me at CuddleLoveBug69 with any questions you may have!!

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