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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDankPrince View Post
    RG/Minions = 9 elixir.

    Mini P.E.K.K.A. + Archers (my favourite counter) = 7 elixir.

    Destroy Minions and RG, with counterpushing Archers/Mpekka.
    Thi does not work in game, because, first RG will damage you tower every time (4-5 shots) and second, RG is so strong that RG user can put everything else in defense, and any counter push are shutted down everytime.

    Seriously, just faced 6 RG furnace/triple legendary in 7 match at 4500, this is wrong.

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    lol, RG is the most controversial card? Last time I saw a thread on elite barbs it was 13 pages of people screaming at each other whether or not it was OP. Just a thought.

    But seriously, thanks for all the hard work guys. Keep up the good job!

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    I'm not looking for anyone's approval. I know who I am.
    .... One card that is either UP or OP... need a new card that counters it

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    I'm a lv 11 with lavahound miner (I hate balloon & sure lavaloon) deck at 4800
    Before the ladder update I think it is okay for players using RG to push their record (lv 13 RG is horribly annoying)
    However there is reward if you push your ladder score now
    The higher you get in the season the better you rewarded
    Is it fair for giant / hog / golem or other deck users to be defeated at 4200 or 4500 coz they do not choose to invest in RG?

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    4500+??? theres level 12 RG at 3800 lol. get ur stuff together already please

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    I'm on 4300 tr. and see them too
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    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    Hi peeps!

    The Royal Giant is undoubtedly the most controversial of all the cards in the game. Now you already know how I personally feel about him - but what do the big boys over at Supercell think of him? If you read on, I hope to enlighten you. The team is super busy at the moment polishing off the last update (bug fixes), but I did manage to squeeze a little conversation in with their busy schedule.

    First off - the Team wants you guys to know they are very aware of all the discussions going on about the Royal Giant, and that people have long been calling for a nerf. So he is definitely on their radar, and they often talk about him in the team huddles.

    Interestingly enough, as beefy as he is - his usage rates actually quite low. If you take a step back and look at the game as a whole he's not a big problem. And when looking at usage/win rates - he is not overpowered or overused in challenges/tournaments either. The only time when they see him being a problem - is in overleveling. Which only really crops up around the 4500+ range where people upgrade him and push a lot with him. This puts them in a tough spot, where if they nerf him it may help on the overleveling side of things, but then on the flip side he may become unusable at lower trophy counts.

    So for the mean time - our big cannon shooting friend is to remain as he is. But they are always looking at his stats, watching and reading our comments, and discussing internally.


    On another note: Developer Q&A returns next week, and I hope to bring more of these card discussions with the developers to you guys as well.
    finally someone who listened to me ROYAL GIANT IS NOT OP I have rarely lost to it and I agree that it takes no skill and is overused but is not op same with elite barbs.

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    I have an idea on how to take down the RG. If you have lost a tower. You know where he will be placed right? Your side in the center. Use a Tornado and pull him as far away from the towers as possible. Then, drop a defensive building(Cannon, Inferno Tower, etc)to prevent him from blasting your crown towers. The defense building will do short work as well as any other troops you've deployed. After that, do the laugh emote to that RG user.

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    Tornado plus inferno.. Ok 8 elixir. And he'll get a shot off before you do that, and after he drops his skarmy to quickly destroy the tower you're still dead.
    A tank should not be able to immediately hit a tower after dropping! The card is poorly designed!

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