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    Who cares about usage rates... that doesn't determine whether a card is op or not... use logic

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyDeRose View Post
    Who cares about usage rates... that doesn't determine whether a card is op or not... use logic
    They're completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥ed and lying. I see rg sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row. I don't see anything else like that. Rg is op and more commonly used by skill players at higher level game play where the MAJORITY of your paying players are. GET a clue you dumb idiots. I swear monkeys are running the game. They just roll some dice and pick a number to nerf things.

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    I'm not looking for anyone's approval. I know who I am.
    Simple, nerf everything to 1HP and 1 DPS on april fools and release everything with new stats afterwards... and see who it plays out.

    Would screw up the meta so much

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    SC focus too much on new cards and chose to ignore these cards.

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    Rg only strong if overleveled. Quite weak at equal level. No need to nerf.

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    nerf atk range same to inferno tower or nerf hp
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    Around 4,000 trophies, I have had 20+ opponents in a row, all using royal giant. You cannot say he isn't overused... Sounds like supercell is afraid of nerfing him in fear of losing all the simpletons that rely on their precious 1 single card. God help us when the heal spell is released. Royal Giant + Heal spell... good lord help us...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmijim View Post
    Rg only strong if overleveled. Quite weak at equal level. No need to nerf.
    The problem is that is allways overleved. The RG shouldn't be common. If is a common card should be nerfed.

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    one word

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    yeap, the problem of Royal Giant will be solved later in the game, were players will overlevel its counters

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