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    The Supercell Shop (BETA) is here!

    Players have been asking for Supercell merchandise for a long time, and we’re super, mega(crab) excited to finally launch the BETA version of our online store in the US and Canada. It turns out our store team is a bit like our development teams, in that we spent over a year selecting products, tailoring designs and fine-tuning each item so that we could deliver something truly unique and special for our players. We wanted to make sure the things we created were not only cool, but would also fit into the game worlds and what our players love most about them.

    The BETA launch of the Supercell Shop will feature a few t-shirt designs, figures, statues, and a plush and will be available in the US and Canada. We hope to expand with a wider range of products and territories as soon as possible! In these early stages, we’re eager to hear your feedback on these initial items, as well as your thoughts on what product categories, characters and art you would like us to add. We will be closely monitoring your feedback as we grow the store! No detail is too small.

    Thank you for reading and if you have any other questions, be sure to check out our FAQs on the new Supercell shop. Look forward to your feedback!

    The Supercell Team

    Steve / Supercell
    Brand Marketing

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    Any news on when boom beach products may be there?

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    Oops, didn't read FAQ. Any news on what may be available in terms of Boom Beach stuff? Or what 'soon' means (1 week? 3 months? 1 year?)

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    When are you going to have hay day products ?? Please please please!! I will definitely get a shirt, and a coffe cup, or something
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    So my cat said "I bet there is some cool cat stuff on the Supercell Shop"

    but alas, someone must have forgotten the huge CoC following among the residents of Catlantis

    just kidding..... A Supercell store rocks !
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    Holy �� those items are overpriced.

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    So can we get the phone cases 😜

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    Question Limited P.E.K.K.A.

    will there be a limited PEKKA for us europeans?
    maybe with a purple legend league touch!

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    how much longer till there is some stuff for boom beach?
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    Awesome, hope you'll accept ideas for shirts and other items.

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