It's time to announce the Monthly Forum Award (MFA) of Feb 2017!

Febs winner is recognized by many. They have over 2,500 posts of pure quality! In some countries this person is known as the voice of reason. Having scored an impressive 72 reputation points already, this months winner is of course...


Congratulations - but more importantly.. thank you. As a token of our appreciation you have 2000 gems & a custom title coming your way!

Those who are new to the Forums, here is a brief description of these monthly forum only contests and how they work:

- Employees & mods are not eligible to participate in these contests, but will help judge the winners.
- Contest rules and specifics will change every month. They will not be announced in advance, so expect a surprise every month.
- Spamming to increase post count is STILL against forum rules and will not win you the forum contest.
- Have fun and be friendly. You never know when you could end up buried in gems!