Florida Brew!We Farm with an occasional cup push.

Hello everyone, I would like to invite you to help build our brand new clan. You don't have to be from Florida to join but it sure does help if ya like good craft beer.

We are looking for active adults that are team player minded, respectful and like to keep it loose.
We have a few lower levels now that joined in from the dreaded global chat but they are nice and want to help. There will be no more lower levels added from this point on.
Requirements to join.
*Be mature. 18+
*Lvl 4 archers for minimum troops.
*400 donations per season ( when were full).
*Respect your team mates troop request.
*Donate first before requesting.

Hopefully we can find some good folks to join our clan.
Our mission is to have fun and help each other get better.

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