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Thread: I love this game

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    Red face I love this game

    hi i love this game i have gone 23 levels and if i get 3000 more point it is on to 24 supercell did a really good job on this game cheers have a mooovelous gameeeee

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    Me too! I am quite stunned at how addicted I am, and how much I care about my animals, indeed my whole farm. First thing when I wake is reach for my ipad and do my 'chores'

    SC have created a great game with a lovely community.

    Good luck moving up the levels, and enjoy!

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    Well dude!I also have liked that game and have been playing that game last few months,Very interesting and nice game Even then every European people have liked that game So do you like that game dude???and if any body wants to share any information about it then please share me dude??????????????????

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    I love this game too

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    I started to play this game about a month ago and I can't believe how addicted I am to it?! I even get Tom to run an errand during the night if I can't sleep.

    I am retired and in a retirement villa so I have a lot of time to play and follow the Forum. The people who developed this game did a marvelous job and as i worked in the information systems at our hospital I am so interested in all of the special effects that have been programmed. Congratulations
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    I love this game too. Anyhow thanks for the nice input.

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    I really like this game every time i Wake up i go to my iphone and start playing. And the very last thing i do Before i go to bed is to check my animals and produce stuff that i am going to need tomorrow Really love this game god job supercell

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    Hey Guys me Mark.Well i also play this game a lot of time.The priority of this game is that its not a perform open or perform enclosed server, both styles of perform are acceptable.Thanks!!

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    I love this game as it is

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    I used to be not too addictive to this game, but because I want to pursue in gamecenter point I became very fond of the game. Here I am: lv 30,Daily player,40 Achievement.
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