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    Welcome Frisco & Have a nice vacation, Nick.

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    You will be missed Nick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Hey Peeps!

    As some of you may have already heard, I will head out for 4-5 months (1.4 - 14.8) to chillax and recharge! Been working non-stop with the best community in the whole universe (that's you guys ), and after 6 years it's time to take a deep breath and relax.

    I'd like to welcome Frisco[Supercell] who will take my place while I am out. He is an awesome guy, knows Hay Day inside-out and has loads of experience talking to our players! In addition to hanging around the forums, he will also be taking care of Hay Day's social media channels, and any other media we are on.

    I will still be here until the end of this month, so you won't get rid of me just yet!

    To keep this short and sweet, please say hello to Frisco[Supercell] and welcome him to the wonderful Hay Day community!


    Hi Nick

    You did a great job here so you enjoy youre well deserved vacation
    Hope you can go to the F1 grand prix
    Wieh you lots of fun and a Happy Easter already hihi

    Welcome Frisco wish you a fun time

    Hugs, Yvonne

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    Welcome to thw mad house loll hope u have a good break nick have fun and chillax
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