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    Quote Originally Posted by Vfrood View Post
    Welcome here, Frisco, have fun Nick (Fan of Bottas? )
    Both Bottas and Räikkönen are insanely good drivers!
    Quote Originally Posted by LetTheMusicPlay View Post
    Wishing you all the best on your sabbatical, Nick! And look forward to your return.
    I shall return!
    Quote Originally Posted by malfaro View Post
    Can you please let us know when is the new update coming?
    Yes. Of course. It will be out on the... oops, ran out of battery. BRB.


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    Hello Frisco! I am sure that we will enjoy you! Have a great time Nick! I hope to see you the sooner!

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    He will accept our friendship requests?

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    How well are SC paying you? I mean who can afford a four month break? Not me, I'm jealous…

    Anyway.. Have a great time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    I shall return!
    You better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClashOfHolmes View Post
    Welcome Frisco!!!
    Nick, doesn't he post something?

    Maybe Frisco is being cautious because he's entering a new social group and is lurking and reading the room before posting. Good luck Frisco.
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    Enjoy your holiday Nick.
    And welcome Frisco.

    We are generally a friendly bunch in the Hay Day forum, who tend to get impatient around the 80th day from the previous update. So, when will we get sneak peaks Frisco.
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    Welcome Frisco

    Hope you have a splendid vacation Nick

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    Hi there! Nice to E-meet you all! and thanks for the warm welcome. As Nick already said, I'll be helping here and there while he is on his sabbatical on his mystery destination.

    As for me, I've been living in sunny Finland for 4+ years and being part of the Supercell team for almost 4 of them. Right now besides Hay Day I'm playing Clash Royale and some PS4 games (if I have time) like Resident Evil, NBA2k, Metal Gear, The Last of us, Uncharted..among others.

    I'm a huge NBA fan, I play and coach basketball, l like to travel, I like watching movies and I also have 2 dogs.

    I am really excited to join the community team and hope we have a great time together!

    See ya around!

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    Welcome Frisco and have a great break Nick. 😀

    Farm Level 156. Town 46.😊
    Please PM for farm ID.

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