Hello Clashers,

My name is Steve and I'm the newest member and of Supercell's awesome Community Team. I'll be working out of the Supercell office in San Francisco but my first week is here at HQ in Helsinki - Brrrrr! I'm very excited to work with Nick, Marika and the CoC/Hay Day communities.

A bit about myself: I'm originally from Seattle, a long-time gamer and Community Manager working in tech, a writer, avid soccer (AKA football) fan, skier, traveller, history buff/nerd and coin collector. My favorite games are, in no particular order, Civilization, FIFA, Clash of Clans (of course), Unicorn Dash and Battlefield, just to name a few.

I am extremely passionate about working with and advocating for online communities. I enjoy helping companies truly listen to the people who use their products to help build the best games possible. I believe Supercell does a phenomenal job working with their users which made the company a perfect match!

If you want to add me on GameCenter, my user name is sheinonable. I looking forward to working with all of you.

Clash on!