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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: General Assistance for new Players understanding troops and defense tactics.

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    Clearly there is some "wrong info" about a few things which can misled players who have not experienced it themselves.When i found them,i thought this thread would be old.But no its only "4 weeks"
    BTW,nice work.
    Would like it to be "nearly flawless" so couldn't resist replying

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    Nice Write Up, mate.
    Congo fr the Sticky!

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    10/10 Post!👍

    Nice post,You are really good at describing troops,army comps,and (somewhat) the A.I. of the troops

    Im a th8 soon going to town hall 9 in about 2-5 weeks,but some of my friends could use this guide,Great job,and you really know how to help out people when it comes to using troops and base designs. 10/10 in my opinion!👍

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    Oh my gawd! This was so much to read

    Nice info bro! Got to know about most of the traps, troops plus defences. Helps other a lot.

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    nice information it really helped man
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    Thanks for the comments all, I updated the TH 11 area, not too much from what I can feel. I am still relatively new but just from my observations I put what I feel a new TH11 may not immediately see. If any seasoned TH11 has some input please comment here or seek me out in my clan "Clashocalypse". Thank you.
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    Good one to help all . I have one suggestion. Plz create a post for village base and war base . And even for attacking and farming attack strategies

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    Again nice job

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    This is fantastic. Well done with this. Must have taken you a fair while!


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