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Thread: Still not working event

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    Angry Still not working event

    A few wks ago ad placed saying we would receive double coins for truck orders filled for the town. I wrote back then and complained and obviously didn't get a response. SO, here we go again. An ad today on board was for 536 coins. I filled it. My coin balance before sending the truck was 5899. The doubled amount of the ad should have given me 1072 coins for the order, giving me a balance of coins of 6971. That's NOT what I got. Truck came back and I received 560 coins! What the H??? The exact same thing happened last time they did this event. I wrote them twice. First I wasn't sure what I saw, but then I wrote it down like now to confirm. I just gave away a LOT of produce and got screwed AGAIN!

    what is going on with you guys????? Why r u running a promo that doesn't work? You MUST know about it because I emailed u 2 times during the last event. I even asked for my correct amount b added to my coin total. NEVER heard bk like usual. Stuff like this really makes me mad. I'm to the point of dropping the game. I've also purchased things with diamonds, u took my diamonds and never gave me the items. That time I emailed u too. AGAIN, no response.

    it this normal u just ignore your customers and keep reaping in our money???? I'd appreciate a response and the correct amount credited to my acct.

    i can't b the only one this is happening to. Anyone else seeing this happen to them?

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    The coin amount listed in the ad is the doubled amount. You are getting the correct amount of coins.

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    If your coin amount in the ad is highlighted in purple then that is the total amount if coins you will be getting from that delivery. It will be double the normal amount given without the event. Just check your ad and make sure they are purple. Should be ok tho.

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