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Thread: A new way to measure a product's value: Fixed Order Value

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    Thanks, all. I'm really humbled by your overwhelming positive response. I wanted to note something special about the FOV's, that I didn't mention in my "essay" but that bears mentioning. This came up in another thread today which reminded me. There are a couple of products with very special qualities.

    Candy has about a 4:1 of XP to coins when used for orders, where most other products are very close to 1:1. Jelly Beans' FOV is unique at about 8:1 in favor of XP. This is why some of the biggest truck tickets you see in that thread are in the 6000+ range. Theoretical max for a 3-Jelly-Bean order which is randomly skewed to 150% XP on a Double XP event would be 8,856 XP. I don't think I've ever seen a truck order with more than 3 Jelly Beans, but it could have other products mix in to pad it out a bit more. This order would only be worth 183 coins!

    Jewelry is the counterpart to candy; worth far more coins when used for orders than XP. Finished jewelry is worth about 4:1 favoring coins to XP, with the Diamond Ring about 6:1. Incidentally this puts all jewelry as more profitable in coins to use for most orders, than to sell in your Roadside Shop. Diamond Rings' FOV is about 400 coins over the max RSS price, and other jewelry is just a hair over as well. (Note that some truck orders weighted towards XP rather than Coins will change this math. )

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    Ö a town where the sun always shines on a farm they call "Jess Of The Derbyvilles."

    Awesome work, SeedyDelivery!
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    I'm a big numbers person and noticed some of the trends you mentioned. For that reason, this is exactly why I run my town on a day-to-day basis unless there is a double coins event on the truck orders (like there is currently). I like the 2x truck order coin events because you basically get almost (if not more) of the max capped coin rate plus the additional xp to go with it. The downside is that they can drain your barn inventory fast, but you can be selective with orders you take and do really well. Today, I'm already up 150k coins and added about 140k XP too. During the 2x coin events there is usually little to no cost in coins to add XP.

    The town also produces gifts which can supplement loss of coins.

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    great great work and also great way to explain it ... bravo ...

    I discover that the truck is not the best way to up ... and that is really a discover ... ;-) ...
    for the town, i knew it was a good one, i'm upgrating the xp but i already see the difference, with you, i know i have to continue ;-) ...

    THX a LOT
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    Raise your hand if you read it all ... Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! I’m a number person, so this was a delicious reading, and confirmed what I’ve always noticed, town is the best investiment for my game play. Thank you so much
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    Nerrrrrrrrrrd (that's entirely a compliment). Join Supersight in the Nerdy Corner of Hay Day!

    This really is brilliant though! I'm not big on numbers myself, but I've definitely noticed the trend! Also I love the town.
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    I'll add my kudos to the rest. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this nugget of gold. I've always thought the town was the biggest bang for the buck XP wise. It's my main source for leveling up. Thanks for confirming.

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    If you can do the math for the ratios in your head with enough ease for it to seem "intuitively obvious", I'm impressed.

    The gist is easy enough to see; getting the exact numbers seems slightly more difficult.

    I'll note, the analysis leaves off the NPC passerby farm visitors (Greg, Joan, Mary, Mike and Tilly). However, they're not much more complicated. They pay entirely in coins at a multiplier somewhere over 2 and under 3 normally, although that goes higher in special events.

    I'd also encourage you to add this information to the HayDay wiki.
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    As an economist-and wannabe statistician-I absolutely ADORE this thread.

    Thanks !!!
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