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    Breaking the Barriors for Love Contest Winners!

    Hi everyone! Sorry this has taken so long. There were so many great entries that we had a tough time deciding! We've finally gotten things narrowed down and your winners have been chosen.

    Clash Royale:

    1st - 2000 gems
    Deceptron -

    2nd - 1000 gems
    AWhiteGuy -

    3rd - 500 gems
    fiercedeitys - entry #1 -


    1st - 2000 gems
    Jedic4rl -

    2nd - 1000 gems
    GrapeApeAfe -

    3rd - 500 gems
    Adevati -

    Boom Beach:

    1st - 2000 diamonds
    Ryan89 -

    2nd - 1000 diamonds
    flonner -

    3rd - 500 diamonds
    WorldCitizen -

    Hay Day:

    1st - 300 diamonds
    LetTheMusicPlay -

    2nd - 150 diamonds
    daz258 -

    Tied for 3rd - 75 diamonds each
    TheQuéerKelv -
    chilicheesedog -

    Overall Winner:

    2500 gems plus some Supercell swag, and smolson's ill fitting, slightly worn Hawaiian shirt

    BrotherCarey -

    In appreciation for his help with my graphics, Evertonjeff will receive an honorable mention and a small bit of swag. Thanx again, Hun!

    All Prize Winners:

    Please pm me with your game information. I need your in game name, your player ID or tag, your clan or hood tag...all from the account you want your gems to go to.

    For those who have won swag...I need you to PRIVATE MESSAGE me, (not VM), with your full name, address where you can receive packages, and shirt size. (I would suggest going a bit larger on the sizes as they run a bit small)

    And just a small may look like Hay Day got less, but that amount of diamonds is equal value compared to the others.

    Thank you all so much for participating! It was a fantastic contest and even if you didn't win...your entries were enjoyed and well liked by all of us! I hope we can do this again!

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    Congratulations to the winners!

    Quote Originally Posted by fette View Post
    May I just remind OP that clash is a tablet game ...for entertainment...played with yer fingers bashing upon the screen ...

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    Congratulations to the winners!

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    Great job guys and well done Raindragon because filtering, counting and just organising a contest across all 4 platforms was no mean feat! You have no idea how hard it is to herd Mods to view every single entry on every game forum....she resorted to a cattle prod.

    LOVED the winning entry and so many awesome entries especially some of the hand-drawn efforts.
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    I'm an Aussie in the AEST zone.
    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to raindragon for organizing this!
    Click here to see my youtube channel. Make sure to read the description for the info I cant fit here.
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    Thanks to evertonjeff for the awesome sig pic and avatar!!!

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    Congo to Winners

    I will surely try to win next content

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    Thank you Raindragon, it was a fun and great contest. Great job everyone, well done.

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    Those were awesome to see! Well done. So much talent in these forums. Thanks for brightening my day.

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    Well done to all the winners and to Raindragon for what must have been a nightmare to organise, and to be honest as soon as I saw brothercarey's entry I knew it would be the winner

    Great work from all involved
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    Can't believe I lost.... a crippling defeat

    Congrats to you all! I hope you enjoy the hawaiian shirt Carey

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