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Thread: Th8 experinced ..th3.need clan.

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    Th8 experinced ..th3.need clan.

    future to,clan ,I need,.,I am th 8 experinced started new base so,.,................

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    Clan Tag:#RC9VP9LC
    Click Here For Clan Thread

    Who We Are:

    AtomRush was founded as a war clan, with the aim of warring while providing a fun, learn-by-doing environment. We are a new clan and are currently lvl 2. We mainly focus on war, but we do farm a bit as well.

    Why Should You Join Us:

    • We give you an opportunity to help build a clan right from the bottom.
    • Though we are serious about war, there's no pressure to get 3 stars in an attack.
    • We can offer valuable tips, and we learn from others as well.
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    hey check out my clan clam slam, we do relitively frequent wars and are looking for loyal players of all levels who will attack in war

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    join clam slam, we accept all active players

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    Total Tyranny is now recruiting!

    We are a new Level 2 Fair Play Clan -- Working to get to level 5!!

    Clan Name: Total Tyranny
    Clan ID: #RU2LPOQC
    War Wins: 6

    Who we are:
    An active, mature group of clashers who love the excitement of wars, but pride ourselves on fostering a lower pressure environment for the enjoyment of our members. We employ only 3 star strategies and while winning is always the goal, we don't get twisted about failed attacks as long as effort and willingness to improve is there. We prioritize teaching, learning, experimenting, and strategizing so that we all grow together to become better clashers. Coupled with the strong foundation of having fun as a team. We are also avid farmers, with pride in growing.

    What we are looking for:
    Like minded, mature, war ready clashers! Should be comfortable funneling troops, and possess a general understanding of 3-star war attack strategies for your respective Town Hall Level. Most importantly, we are looking for long-term teammates with an interest in learning and honing their attacks in an encouraging environment. Real life comes first, so feel free to opt out of wars when the need arises. If opted in, use of both attacks is mandatory.

    How to apply:
    Private Message (PM) User on KIK: mrkadenrm or request in game mentioning the forums!

    Prospective members will be reviewed quickly.

    Thanks for your interest in our team!

    -- Total Tyranny Leadership

    p.s (We are really in need of a Town Hall 10 or 11 in the clan someone who knows the game really well and is willing to be somewhat of a mentor and help out with advice and troops etc. Everybody needs improvement and it would be nice to have someone to help guide this clan along.)

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    We are Akatsuki(lvl 9) #9g8ggl9q,
    max win streak-28
    war stats-152 wins,31 losses,3 draws
    We have pretty high donations, but we are dead serious for war performance(read it immediate kick when failing)

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    Hey there,
    You should consider joining Centum Group. We are a family of 11 friendly and helpful clans,each with its own requirements and purpose designed to maximise your potential in war and farming. Centum is the most popular clan on these forums and one of the most popular in game.
    We are an adult only,100% fair play group.

    Why don't you check our main recruitment thread:

    Or our official website:

    Hope to clash with you soon ,

    Centum Group
    Centum Group

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