⭐️TOP 10 Global Derby Leaderboard Neighborhood!⭐️

The Spirit Knights

...One Team, One Spirit...

Tag# 2C999PVP
***Looking for competitive team players!

We are an established, international, active, helpful, independent, chatty, strong derby neighborhood. We strive for gold & to climb up the global derby leaderboard! We are also active in town and have many townies to pick up to prepare for derbies or just to gain XP!

Are you ready for a challenge?

❤️We are looking for like-minded team players who enjoy a competitive derby style!❤️

Independent farmers
(though we do love to help one another- filling boat crates, watering, flagging trees for help tasks, selling foods in RSS), and active players.

Team Players, we play as a team, each taking a mixture of tasks so that it is fair and fun for ALL!

**Facebook is required for proper communication about strategy.

We trade SEMs and BEMs in the hood at fair, equal ratios. No begging for supplies please.

We like to stay positive and have a friendly, family atmosphere- no negativity or drama here please. Adults only. We want to win & have fun doing it, and hope you do too!

We use the NH request for crops/fruits to help everyone reach their achievements & gain XP, if you need food items just ask in game chat.

**How to join**
FB Messenger - Maria.kugelmann
(look for 🌴 Palm trees)

If, once you message me we can go over derby rules more specifically. I will also ask you a couple questions about your derby-playing style—as we are an organized neighborhood—to make sure if you'll enjoy our style of play or not. We work in a team-oriented manner when it comes to the derby.
Thank you!

We are not for everyone, if you don’t like to learn about strategy, working as a team, striving toward climbing the global leaderboard, and communicating—these are important aspects of SK . We also have fun chats, and have made many great friends, we hope to make new ones!