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Thread: 2 th 9s looking for btb wars and donations

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    May 2015

    2 th 9s looking for btb wars and donations

    What we want

    Btb wars
    Chill environment

    What we offer

    War stars
    Continued attendance in war

    We are a packaged deal
    Clasher x #Y9LLLLG9
    Toon. #2LJ29RYYJ
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    Lvl 12 war-clan mostly .5s US base ADULTS ONLY 300 wins +
    Our clan name is
    infect3d spid3r : #2GGUP9VV
    Put farzy in your request when you try to join so i know you are from the forums

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    Oct 2015
    New clan started and in need of good solid members who is war ready.
    Plus to help out with building the clan and running the clan.

    Sedated killers

    Welcome to join us, new clan and could do with help building it up.

    BullsGoGi CLAN lvl 9

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    L10 war clan God's Glory, are looking for active long term members. We have a great core group. The clan is drama free. All we ask is respect other members and refrain for swearing in clan chat. Our clan Id is #9RJYLR98 Plesse check us out. We would love to add you to our ranks.


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    North Carolina
    We are looking to add a few new members to our core war team. If you'd like check out our recruitment page (link is in my signature). If we sound like the type of clan you're looking for, let's chat! Send me a PM and we'll get the ball rolling.
    IGN: CherryBomb - TH10
    Co-Leader - Bucknation lvl 11 clan #80P0QQLR ⬅⬅⬅

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    I sent you a pm bud
    WABO War Dawgs #88RQVLLG

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    Looking for war focused players. You can chat with us and/or apply here:
    Clan: Reddit Eclipse (#9RVVPG2J)
    TH: 10
    Barb King: 35
    Arch Queen: 37
    War stars: 955

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    Based in US/UK, Friends from Sweden, Aus, India, Canada, and Mexico.
    We have 30 plus members approved for war.
    B2B wars/70% win ratio/Rotating war Captains.
    "Best attack" war star competitions, and inner clan wars.
    Adults/Adult humor/Adult language/Adult topics/Adults only.

    Click Each Link To View

    If you like extra's, we have

    We recognise and track

    We track monthly, quarterly and all time
    War Stars and Defenses, Averages

    If at capacity,

    reply here in resumes for possible openings.

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    Hey Bud we would love to have you, we are a group of friends that LOVE clash and are VERY active looking to find cool active chill members, we are looking to war but give everyone the option to fully opt out whenever! Our clan name is : Dead Harbor come check us out!

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    Wanted everyone know I've read everyone's messages and we will be talking about who we want to go to since everyone has something to offer

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