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Thread: I want to learn how to attack

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    I want to learn how to attack

    Hey everyone,

    I am not a new TH10, in fact, I just got my AQ to lvl40 a week ago.
    I used to war back to back when I was TH9, but ever since I hit th10 I opted out from wars because I was drawing tough opponents whom my clan couldn't deal with.

    I've spent the last 2-3 months upgrading my base and I got my queen to lvl40 (king lvl 32). I hit TH10 with lvl 25 heroes.

    So for the time I spent outside of wars, just farming, I have lost touch with wars and effective attacking as I was lalooning dead/weaker TH10 bases for the most of the past 3 months.

    Now, I am ready to get back in wars, but for the past few wars I am having issues with my war attacks. I score very high % 1 or 2 stars, but I cannot seem to 3star fairly easy bases.

    I am curious whether anyone here can provide me with some guidance on how to get better at attacking, how to better understand the troops and their behavior, even how to determine which strategy would work well vs certain TH10s and how to identify key defenses that I need to take out.

    I would really appreciate it if somebody takes the time to help out, even with something little, like pointing to a video etc.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    Well there are so many factors to consider in attacking a certain base type, you could use an overall strong army composition but even if you try to make it work a 100 times over you still wouldn't be able to 3 star it. personally I think TH10 compared to TH9 is a whole different skill level on 3 starring a base. I would say 2 starring a TH10 v TH10 is as hard if not harder then 3 starring a TH9 v TH9.

    "Now, I am ready to get back in wars, but for the past few wars I am having issues with my war attacks. I score very high % 1 or 2 stars, but I cannot seem to 3star fairly easy bases."

    I don't know the exact cause in your case but it could be either you have a 3 star mindset or strategy made up which has a way higher change of backfiring @ TH10 thus giving you a high percentage but only the 1 star. People who go for safe 2 stars use a different approach/tactic, most of the times don't get a high percentage but win wars against you're average opponent because of this, but this doesn't work vs the really skilled teams out there.

    Could also be the base, like a ring base you destroy majority of the base but are ending up short on the core containing the Town hall thus again getting the 1 star. Maybe you could provide us with a bit more information? Is it mostly with a certain type of base design?

    Also fresh hitting a TH10 isn't easy, too many unknown factors, planning a Queen Walk alongside a portion of a base but getting hit with air mines could destroy your attack. TH9 is a bit more forgiving compared to TH10, if one part doesn't go according to plan its very hard to correct your mistake and save the attack.

    But don't forget a lot of people who manage to 3 star TH10's also fail from time to time, sometimes I get familiar bases I three starred before, I use the exact troops composition but because one unit or group of units was dropped one tile off or dropped it two seconds late it messed up the attack and I end up with a high percentage 1 star.

    Best thing you could do is check out some videos of how other people 3 star, analyse what/why it happens and try it out with friendly challenges on similar bases of your clan mates.

    Maybe the following common/popular TH10 3 Star videos can be of help, on the right hand side on the video you will find yourself the base designs (you can click on them if on pc/laptop), some short tactical pointer on why or what a Kill Squad's/Queen Walk's objective is, e.g. take out exposed air defenses so you can send in your main LaLoon attack, or take out that annoying Queen and CC troops, or one of the Inferno's.

    Some other things to look for might be, are Xbow's grounded, how many defenses will shoot at my Queen if I start a Queen Walk at a position, are air defenses exposed or not, Inferno's set to single (weak vs mass troops) or set to multi (weak vs high hp troops), do I need to create a funnel to prevent my army to walk the wrong way.

    So many things to look out for, to much for me to just type down in one post. Best is for you to watch some videos and if you have some specific questions about a part of an attack with a video link or need some guidance on attacking a certain base design provided you post a screenshot uploaded via

    [Ring Bases]

    [Square/Rectangle Bases]

    [Dragon Flower Bases]

    [Air/ground/mix attacks]

    [Inferno Islands]
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    Hi MetaPanda and thanks for your detailed reply.

    I've looked through some of your videos (long weekend) and I'll check the rest after I finish work.

    Problem is that I always have a 3-star mindset because I am not satisfied with a 'safe' 2-star and hoping that the opponent gets lower %.
    I am confident about my strategies (well, most of them), but my execution seems to be on the downside. Sometimes, I end up having a good execution, but my strategy gives up. That's why Im looking to improve and I wanted to shoot here first, as I know there are a quite a few decent attackers here.

    The problem with what you have quoted was that they were not even maxed TH10s with mid-20 heroes, but I ended up not 3-starring them.

    Any more input is welcome.

    Also, with regards to your ring base videos, I noticed that you have a fairly similar troop composition in most of the attacks. Also, they were pre-december update, so Im curious how viable are they right now?

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    MetaPanda, I think that sir is one of the best responses I have seen IN A LONG TIME with regards to offering genuine help to a fellow forumer.

    This forum needs more like you, I salute you.

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    I think what may help is if you provide a war base you hit (show the before pic)...then get opinions on how to hit it. You can then note how you hit it...and people can point out what went wrong or what could be a better strategy. I find that often people think they are good attackers, but when they discuss with truly good attackers they start to see bases completely different. (I'm on both sides of the This is one thing I love about my clan....we each see different ways to 3 star someone will see a way that after you think about it you are like "wow....that is a better way".

    What type of comps are you using for attacking bases? I know I basically use the same type comps....just vary a few things depending on the base. I mostly use AQ walk with either loon or valk varitions....with an occasional bowler comp (normally when hitting up like a TH11 or nothing else seems to match the base). troops are max TH10 and my heros are AQ will be 40 in 3 days and BK 37. I 3 star alot...and since December am always matched up with max defense TH10s...despite not having any Infernos myself.

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    Thanks for the input pb913.

    I'll post some stuff in the following week, let's hope you guys manage to respond before the war ends

    I use all sorts of different combinations, but I always have a qwalk, I just can't go without a Qwalk.
    Otherwise, sometimes I use GoVaHo, sometimes GoBo, the war I failed on I used Qwalk for the first AD and CC, Golem, BK and 5 bowlers for the 2nd AD and the AQ, and then back end laloon. Screwed up my healer placement and ended up with 81% 1-star.

    So it really depends on the base. I'll post some ideas when I get in the next war (BK upgrading atm)

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