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Thread: 4 logs... missing 4 legendaries....

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    4 logs... missing 4 legendaries....

    Hi SC, could you please apply the "get even cards" to legendaries as well???

    Im guessing the game will not take a 4 card difference as something to match, but on legendaries, it is....

    I just got my 4th Log, and Im still missing Miner, ID, GY, and Ewiz.........

    Its really annoying that I do not have these cards to be used on tournaments and challenges, but yet, I a have 2/4 log for ladder that I dont even use........

    Just a short rant. Im happy that I have legendaries, but its annoying that this keeps on happening to so many people.


    EDIT: I GOT ANOTHER LOG............ SO I HAVE 5 NOW........ a m a z i n g . . . . .
    You know SC.... Im still waiting for one of the missing legendaries though..... you know.... for challenges and stuff......
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    Larry don't touch that......


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    I'd rather just get all of one legendary every time I pulled one.

    I would have a level 4-5 by now.

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    On the flip side, I feel your pain.. I've been waiting on my 2nd ice wiz card for 3 months, but I have managed to acquire all the other legendary cards I don't use..
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    I just got my third Inferno Dragon and I was extremely mad, seeing as it put me at a 1/4 level 2 ID. I think my luck was "good", just not exactly what I wanted. It might help to have it, just in case you ever do get more. Overall, I feel ya. Hope your luck gets a bit better.
    Helix Fossil? More like, deity.

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    K A N S A S
    Log is great u should use it

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    2/4 lava here ;(

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    Yall need to stop complaining. I have 5 IW, 4 LH, and no electro wizard, lumberjack, or.sparky(thought idrc about that)
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    sticking my fingers in power outlets to become the Electro Wizard (is it working?)
    Yes please do this. I know where SC is coming from when they give you more of the legendary that you already have, but for me, this is more of a hindrance.

    I have 7 Sparkies and am still missing the graveyard, ice wizard and princess.

    OP I feel your pain.
    Quote Originally Posted by angelrey218 View Post
    I have a problem, I dont have a lot of legendaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Paero View Post
    So get some then.

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    Except miner and ice wiz, log is better than all the rest. I would gladly exchange my hound, graveyard, princess, ID with the log.

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    I have a clan mate who's first 4 legendaries where inferno dragons. At this rate he's gonna have a maxed out inferno dragon in no time.

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