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Thread: Special Challenges: Once Great Idea, Now Disappointing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeroboam View Post
    What's the actual difference between 5 gems and 10 gems in monetary terms? In the U.K. the difference is around 0.06!

    5 or 10, challenges still offer the best value for your gems. I don't get this mentality that 10 gems isn't good value.
    5 gem has double the value so I can play 2 not 1...

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    I am lvl9 with card lvls 9/6/3/1. I have been trying to get into jungle arena but whenever I am at 2500+ all I face is lvl10 with card lvls 10/7-8/5/1-2 it is hard to battle these people as they are getting pushed down by other higher lvl guys and they are pushing players like me down in lower arenas, ultimately not letting me and others get the higher arena cards dart gob, executioner, gob gang, while the p2p can lvl up their cards and get to higher arenas easily while we f2p have to grind and wait for gold.
    Many have said to do challenges for fair play and be safe from overlvled players but the problem is gem! We don't have gems, if we had gems we could play challenges all day and even gem chests to lvl up higher, only p2p can do this not us.
    Also spending 100 gems on a challenge which you can't have your deck and you have no idea whether you will lose 3 straight games or not, its better to spend 100 gems on a normal grand challenge.
    If CR want the draft challenge to be a good play for 100 gems maybe increase the rewards or decrease the rewards

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    The challenge is fun, and switches the game up, but I wouldn't do more than my free entry. I'm not going to pay the same on a special event challenge, when I could play classics, and go into it with a deck that I've played for hundreds of matches, and know for a fact will work.
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    Yeah now no any 5 gems events😢

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    They said it a while back. They're basically experimenting to see how far they can push it. They switched the price to 10 gems and saw that people still pay up and play, so while would they charge less per challenge when they can effectively charge more and still get activity?

    I don't agree with this, but it is what it is.
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