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Thread: Active player looking for a new Clan

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    Active player looking for a new Clan

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently looking for a new Clan since a failed merge lead to our Clan splitting in half...twice.

    I'm a very active player and it is very likely that I will bring a few people with me since I was one of three co-leaders of the Clan and a few members have said "I go where you go".

    To my "stats":
    Trophies: 3600
    Pb: 4076
    Donations: 8.700
    Crowns for Clan-Chest: 35+/Week

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding a good deck tht I like in the current meta, that's why my trophies aren't anywhere near my pb at the moment. Also, all my cards are at tournament level (9-10/7/4/1-2) and pretty much everyone I play against has much higher cards.

    What I am looking for:

    - A Clan that is just as active as I am and that is willing to test decks and strategies, likes to chat and have a good time.

    - Lv 10 Clan-Chest, not for what the chest contains, but because it's a good indicator of how active the Clan is.

    - No SJW/PC: If your Clan is full of social justice warriors that get professionally offended, I pass.
    I will not put a filter on my mouth because what I say might maybe offend someone, I don't care.

    - Line/WeChat/etc.
    There should be some other form of communication other than the Clan chat, since it is much more comfortable to communicate with each other.

    (Anti Copy+Paste Clan-Spam: To make sure you've actually read my post and know what I am looking for, please respond with "I am not a bot, <Your message>" thank you)

    If you have any Questions, feel free to ask.

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    I am not a bot < Please join us Clantag = #90L20PG.>

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    I am not a bot

    Divinity (#28VR209)

    My name is Shyanne, and I'm the leader of Divinity. We are always looking for new members and would be glad to have you. Here are a few things about our clan
    •38k+ clan score (close to top 200)
    •Weekly Tournaments
    •Fun chat- Everyone welcomes the new members, and once you get to know us we love to joke around. We don't get butthurt easily
    •We have a Discord server
    •We have gotten the 10/10 clan chest every week so far and fill requests quickly.
    If you have any questions you can contact me on the forum or Discord. My ID is Shyanne#8413
    I can easily make room if you plan on having a few of your friends join. (°∀°)b
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    I am not a bot Lol,
    Our clan loves to steal each others decks and try new ones, we love to do mass troop challenges too EG mass infgerno drags and what not we just really want to have a good time,
    We are at 47/50 We keep the best of best players,
    WE Require players to be active donate and Have fun overall also participation in CC is important Under 15 are Kicked.
    You seem yo be a good asset i highly suggest u check us out we always have a great time and since the clan is explanding so fast we may make a Feeder, we have YT Channel too hopefully to upload Clan Montages etc.
    Currently at 32k Total trophies
    Clan name is Elite Accel.
    More info on clan:

    WE also use Discord for notifying so if you want you can use that.
    Swearing is allowed We dgaf about Language tbh.
    CC under a Day Or a Day and a half
    WE are soon going to go for Top 200 Its just a matter of time as we only started a month ago!
    Go ahead and check us out!
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    Elite Accel Leader
    Thread to Clan: Click Here
    Advice For Ideas? PM ME!
    My Ideas: Click Here

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    ★★★ ♛♛♛ Mongers Havoc ★★ ♛♛♛ ★★ Recruiting ♛♛♛★★★

    ★♛★ Mongers Havoc ★♛★ Recruiting ★♛★ Looking For New Members ★♛★
    (READ ALL RULES)(dont need facebook to view page)

    We are looking for new members to come join our clan.... we are a very highly active clan!!!

    ✮✮♕✮✮Mongers Havoc✮✮♕✮✮
    Clan tag:#JRJVCYU
    All members will be elders, As we are 1 family, You stay active you can stay in clan, All we ask
    Req. Trophies 1800

    ✮✮✮✮✮ Come Check us out at ✮✮✮✮✮

    Rules are important So please make sure you read all rules, understand them, thank you!!!

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    I am not a bot, *mic drop*

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    Quack Quack!!
    Uber, join Invictus Lords #9LV9Q8. We have 1 spot open, join as fast as possible!

    Invictus Lords : 39k Trophies 31k Donations, tier 10 clan chest every week! we use Line for off game communication!
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    Check out OPD's lotta good people. Full now but I will kicked someone if you'd like to join.
    33500 clan trophies.
    Max clan chest every time
    Minimum 15k donations a week.
    750 donations for elder. If you need more info pm me. #2QVUCLY

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    Just finished reading you're post. Lol not copy and pasting anything. It's all genuinely type.

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