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    Cool Request

    first Hello : im one of the new fans well i had an idea and i say why not we had Chopping like clash royal and drop hes axe and back in hes hand well its going too be cool or what about another spell like lava spell that drop lava are something like that sure its lots of stuff too talking about it i hope im say my idea and its going too cool

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    I wouldn't describe lava as cool....,

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    why not a spell like drop lava in to enemy thats cool to see they burn or something like that for short time and other things or new hero like prince in clash royal com to clash of clans

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    There is a spell to damage enemy buildings - poison, earth and lightening.

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    Nice innovative idea friend. But this is not going to come bcoz game balance will be hampered with this spell. Offence will be much higher than defence.

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