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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlight[Supercell] View Post
    I may even give some hints if you guess correctly!
    Is it going to be like the Grand warden in Clash?

    For those that don't play CoC: He's dumb, low damage, low hitpoints, but makes your troops invincible for 5 seconds when you use the ability. Imagine getting Zookas behind an HQ having them invincible for 5 second? So that probably won't be it. Lol

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    Any one remember the games Civ3 or Civ4?
    Both featured War Leader/Great General type heroes, which could be attached to regular troops to provide some extra benefit.

    Maybe Boom Beach heroes will have an AOE power boost for near-by troops?
    Seems like that would fit in with existing game mechanics of the damage amp, speed serum, and cry bomb effects.
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    A dune buggy pulling a trailer with a rocket launcher on it.

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    Hero troop guess.... I imagine some sort of octopus that puts a squeeze on the beach turtle family?? ��
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    Let's think on crab. They had a taunt tower.
    so the hero might be some of a col. thing. Bringing adrenaline or something.
    affecting both health and Damage.

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    today attack is most powerfull than defence so it would be more easy with heroes?
    I hope it can also defend the base like in COC
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    I wonder if Heroes may be a new GBE ability?...
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    I know ! It will be invisible turtle!

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    Could the hero be like speed serum imbue troops in its area of effect with faster movement and speed?
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