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    Introducing Sage Warrior:

    An old fat warrior that has gone bald. He falls off the LC on to the beach, and laboriously drags his hammer weapon behind him because he has become frail and weak.

    When he finally arrives at the sniper tower he was intending to hammer down, he decides to talk the enemy troops into boredom and submission. Attacks last 14 hours but are guaranteed wins.

    Sage warrior. The most OP troop in the game.
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    Heroes are confirmed for Boom Beach. Naturally, the speculation begins. I recall a thread from earlier this year where an FM pitched his idea for Heroes. Happens all the time right? The difference in this thread was that RLight chimed in very enthusiastically. Said something to the effect of he "loved" the idea. Now we have Heroes announced 9 or so months laters.

    I think that this may be the key to getting an idea of where the dev team is headed. Given RLights enthused response, I think there are 2 possible reasons he would respond that way:

    1. The dev team had already decided to add heroes to the game and this was RLight's first tease of what was to come
    - OR -
    2. The dev team was inspired by the the idea and it motivated them to add heroes to the game

    If the second option is what happened, reviewing that thread and the FMs original idea that elicited RLight's enthused response may give us insight to what heroes will be like in Boom Beach.
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    Hmmm the hero might be a combo of heavy (or riflemen) riding a tank. When tank got "boom" heavy (riflemen) will spawn and here we go
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    A mortar using troop that pauses, then shoots out a mortar blast
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    I feel like similar ones that in coc, one BK and one AQ! But to not make them OP, they will cost GBE to deploy.

    Do something, we need to get those hints off ryan!
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    Remember the angry turtle with a crowbar that's our hero lol. After escaping from Dr T he lands on our beaches trained in the art of sabotage. He can infiltrate any base and destroy or downgrade any defense you choose.

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    BB Hero can be "dropped" in like a parachute anywhere on the beach? That would be cool
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    The only thing with an offensive upgrade is that you cannot really defend with out being iced as it is.

    You may as well give up on ice statues and bulk up on magma and dark and call it good.
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    I am sticking to my original idea of the "Veteran Unit" design. They aren't invincible, but the longer they last, more buildings they destroy, their actual HP, DPS, or even AI improves slightly during battle. It could even carry on past a single battle.

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